Renovating to fix a dated floor plan

Awkward floor plans don’t make for enjoyable living, especially when you want your lifestyle to include outdoor entertaining and socialising. Today, open plan living is a concept most builders and architects incorporate into their plans, so if you’ve got a home with an impractical layout that includes small rooms, closed-off kitchens and narrow hallways, there are solutions available that give you amazing results in your home improvements.

Here are our top tips tips to help get you started on your house renovations.

How will you use the space?

One of the first things you need to do is think about how you would ideally like to live in the home after home renovations (Perth). If you have young children, they’ll eventually grow up, so living spaces like play rooms will be used differently – if at all – as time passes.

If you like to host get-togethers, and there’s no clear entrance to the backyard or an outdoor entertaining area, home improvements are an opportunity to create one and build directly off a new open plan living space and kitchen. Accessibility ideas are endless, from amazing bi-fold doors to a kitchen servery, but in the end you want a floor plan that will flow to make for an inviting space.

Putting together a floor plan

Many people choose to enlist a specialist home renovation company who can help them transform their home’s layout. If your home is from an earlier decade, then your lounge will be at the front while your closed-off kitchen sits at the back with no connection to meals and living areas, or the backyard. By keeping the kitchen in its original position and just doing kitchen renovations– you’ll end up leaving each room where it is. A renovations builder (Perth) can see beyond the scope and help suggest where rooms can be moved to.

By speaking with a home renovation specialist, they can help you envision which walls can be knocked down to make bigger spaces, what doors and windows can be moved, if bedrooms can be made bigger, and where you can place a new open plan kitchen and living. Ask yourself, are there spaces that could overlap their use, and are there others with more potential functional use? The same could be said for bathrooms – consider not just a bathroom renovation, but moving the room altogether to accommodate any new home improvements.


Consider extending up or out

If you find that your layout is just not working out because the home is too small for your needs, consider an extension. Home extensions or adding a second storey can allow for more creativity and opportunities when it comes to changing the complete layout of your home. It’s also a way of incorporating a second bathroom and even parent or teenager retreat spaces.

If your backyard has room to move, extending outward is the perfect option, but if there isn’t then adding a second storey to your home renovation will transform the home both internally and externally.


Summit Home Improvements are the home renovation specialists who can help you with your house renovations, home improvements and house extensions. Call 08 6365 2901 (Perth Metro) or 08 9760 1914 (South West) to speak to one our Design Consultants today.

Go from a single storey to a double storey in no time

If you love your home and your neighbourhood, but you’re running out of space, there’s no reason for you to sell to find something bigger in another neighbourhood. All you need to do is look at one of the most popular alternatives – adding a modular second storey!

Modular Second Storey Extensions

Modular second storey additions are growing in popularity.  Unlike traditional methods modular extensions are constructed offsite. At Summit Home Improvements, our modular second storey extensions are built at Summit HQ in our purpose-built, all weather facility. When completed they are transported to the home, then craned into position; with the staircase and service connections completed in just a matter of weeks.

This means a much faster turnaround to get your second-storey put onto your house, and only minor disruptions for a few weeks – which is ideal for busy families.

Modular Second Storey Case Study


The team at Summit Home Improvements were able to create this stunning modular second storey addition for Mark and Lisa, focused on creating additional living areas for their young family whilst modernising their home. The homeowners were also adamant that the second storey addition blend seamlessly with their original home.

“Our experience during the design stage was awesome. Ideas from Summit Home Improvements and us were amalgamated together to get a fantastic design that suits our needs. Summit Home Improvements were very aware and careful to ensure the design looked like our home was “always” a two storey. It blends so well,” said Mark and Lisa.

To increase the functionality of the Wilkinson’s home, the second storey was designed to include a large entertainment space complete with a home theatre and bar as well as an extra store room and study area, providing plenty of room to both work and play. “We love it. Rooms are as we envisaged and every bit as we saw on designs. Our home has been modernised and we are very proud of how it looks,” said Mark and Lisa.

The homeowners loved the direct one on one contact they had with their project coordinator and site supervisor and appreciated the care and respect that was provided by the Summit Home Improvements team as whole. “Staff were great to deal with. Points of contact were easy to get in contact with and trades treated our home as a “home” and not a building site.” said Mark and Lisa.

Modular Second Storey Designs

Summit Home Improvements have seven second-storey home extension designs to choose from, or you can work with one of our designers to have yours custom-designed to suit the layout of your home. Any requests to keep the aesthetics of your home are honoured, so that your extension appears to have been there since the house was first built.

Call us today on 6365 2901 to turn your second-storey extension dream become reality.

Looking for renovation inspiration? Here are our top places to visit online!

Are you looking to do some home improvements or house extensions? Then we have some amazing places you can visit online while looking for inspiration, from helping you decide how you want your addition to look to the latest fixture and fittings trends.

Here are some of our top inspirational places to get you started with planning your next home renovation!

Renovation bonanza

The ever-addictive Pinterest is the place to be if you want to scan through thousands of inspiring ideas that could do wonders for your home renovations (Perth). All you need to do is type key words into the search field and you’ll be taken aback by the limitless amount of photo posts put to you. When you click on one, it will take you to its originally located website, so you’re bound to find even more inspiration beyond Pinterest.

But be warned! Pinterest can be addictive as you create unique ‘boards’ of your favourite rooms. Search under key words like renovation ideas, kitchen renovations, home extensions, and bathroom renovations (Perth) and be blown away with what you find!

Case studies and galleries

We have our own online galleries of real customers’ completed projects. From second-storey extensions to new staircases, outdoor entertaining areas and kitchen renovations, take a look at the incredibly inspiring before and after photos in our website’s gallery and case studies sections.

Interior design

The interior design industry in Australia is booming, and with the rise of social media there is now better access than ever to view some of the most stylish homes in the country. Personally, our favourites are found on Instagram and Facebook, and feature incredibly suave, modern and creative home interiors that will get any renovators hearts pumping.

Never has the scope for home improvements been so wide, so be sure to find and store/save your favourite ideas, especially your favourites from Summit Home Improvements, to get your renovation dreams underway by contacting us today!

What to discuss when meeting with a builder

Doing an extension or addition is an exciting process, and there will be lots of questions to ask along the way.

So whether you’re looking to completely modernise your home including a kitchen and bathroom renovation (Perth), ground floor extension or second storey addition, you’re going to need to know the right questions to ask to make sure you get a high quality build and know what to expect.

Here are some all-important topics to discuss with your renovation builders (Perth).

Valid certificates and licences

Does your builder hold a valid building licence? To gain licensed status, your builder should have completed compulsory training as determined by a licensing body. Always ask how long they’ve been in business for, and how many renovations they have completed.

If you’re thinking about major home renovation work, contact a licenced home renovation builder (Perth) first. It might seem like a good option at the time to go with someone ‘without formal qualifications or certifications’ to save money, but you could end up paying for it in the long-run.

Fees and charges and what’s included?

Your renovation builders (Perth) should present you with a written contract, one which includes the scope of work for your renovation and accurate pricing.

At Summit Home Improvements, our fixed priced contracts include a custom design, all council approvals, computer generated perspectives of the home renovation and much more.

Ask about builder’s maintenance period and warranty

Most contracts include a defects liability period. While many builders only offer a 4 month maintenance period, Summit Home Improvements proudly supplies its clients with a 6 month after-build service. Even more, our in-house maintenance specialists pride themselves on prompt and courteous service.

Ask for examples of past and current work

Your renovation builder (Perth) should be able to show you examples of previous work. Take a look at their website or social media channels to see examples of past and present home renovations, to give you an idea of the quality of home renovations they offer.

What is the process?

The process to get your home improvements project up and running from concept to completion should be easy and streamlined. Summit Home Improvements offer a seamless process, from design, council approvals, fixed price contract, onsite project management and 6 month after-build service.

Our team can turn your home improvements dreams into a reality. Call or email us for your free design consultation.

Breathing new life into your 1960s home

Updating a family home is not an easy task, no matter the size of the project, and if you have an older property then chances are it will need some home improvements done to it. Many people are drawn to houses originally built in the 1960s for their appearance and character, but after more than 50 years of exposure to the elements both inside and out, house renovations are often necessary to retain current living standards.

Whether it’s been your family home for decades, or you’ve just made the purchase, there may be a variety of features you’re looking to change – from bathroom renovations and home extensions, to remodelling an entire house, and there are some tips and tricks of the trade to help keep the character of your 1960s home without sacrificing its history.

Features you may consider changing

House extensions: Additions and home extensions are a great way to increase living space without having to compromise the home itself. By adding a second storey or expanding into unused block space, your 1960s home will be transformed into a modern-day property – just like homeowner Annette did with her 50-year-old Rossmoyne property, whose upstairs house extensions by Summit Home Improvements provides her family with a parents’ retreat/office, walk-in wardrobes and a master bedroom with ensuite and river views.

Kitchen, Dining and Living Room Modernisation: The family kitchen has always been the heart of the home, and 1960s designs were vastly different to today’s modern take of the room, which represents simplicity and light. Sixties styles were full of burnt oranges and lime greens, timber cabinetry and linoleum floors, so if it hasn’t had any kitchen renovations since it was built, then modern-day and contemporary home improvements will do wonders for that space. You’ll also want to consider opening up that separate kitchen, and creating an open-plan kitchen, dining and living room space – ideal for bringing it into the modern day.

Update Layout: Reworking the configuration of original layout can not only provide a better flow of movement, but can allow for additional bedrooms, entertaining areas and storage space. Knocking down walls and putting up new ones can better connect one room to another, create a theatre room or office space, and is a great opportunity to get that 1960s bathroom renovation done at the same time. Read more about Ardross couple Alisdair and Alison who enlisted the help of Summit Home Improvements to reconfigure their family home and construct additional living space as well as a second-storey and balcony all while retaining their large backyard and alfresco.

These types of house renovations are not hard to get started on and can be done!

Features of the home you may want to keep

Look around your 1960s-era home and see what, if any, features you would like to retain.

You might love a particular design feature, which you want to replicate them throughout the home to create a seamless finish. If you are paying homage to the original home, research popular trends of that era, so that you’re new addition or extension is sensitive to its current look and feel.

As with decade-old homes, they have incredible character to them, and it’s possible to retain all that personality using similar colours or materials which are iconic to the era the home was built.

Speak to the Home Improvement Specialists

Summit Home Improvements are your home extensions and house renovations specialists, ready to help you transform your house into your dream home.

Call (08) 6365 2901 (Perth Metro) or (08) 9760 1914 (South West) to speak to a Summit Home Improvements consultant today.

How Design Impacts Your Renovation

It’s essential to create a clear design brief to benefit the most from your house renovations. A well-planned brief will make sure your home improvements fit your family’s current and future needs, making your home more functional in the long-term.

A good design is the centrepiece of a successful home renovation. Recruiting a professional and experienced home designer for your house renovations will transform the quality of your home life, while adding significant value to your property.

Hiring The Right Designer For Your Home Improvements

Your working relationship with your home improvements designer is crucial, and should be determined from the get-go. It’s important that your chosen designer gains your trust, and discusses the level of contribution you wish you have in the design process.

Over-involvement risks limiting the designer’s ability to deliver the best solutions. Under-involvement can mean the result doesn’t fulfil your initial expectations. Make sure you are comfortable with each stage and check it against your brief before moving on to the next stage. Choose a designer who is prepared to work the way you want to, whether it’s a high or low level of involvement.

The Most-Used Rooms In Your Home Extensions Design

As the real estate adage goes, kitchens sell houses. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and along with the bathroom, will increase the property’s value with the right renovation. At Summit Home Improvements, we know the design of your bathroom renovation and kitchen renovations is crucial to the liveability of your house renovations. Your home improvements designer will carefully consider the space and layouts of your rooms and in most cases, exceed your expectations of the home extensions.

Summit Home Improvements – Experienced Home Renovation Designers

A quality design for your home renovation can add value and functionality to your home.  Plus, as your designer will be across market trends, they’ll be able to suggest tweaks and finishing touches to take your house renovations to new heights!

One of the biggest design hurdles is to choose a builder with design expertise. The options may appear endless, but they’re quickly shortlisted when you only consider experienced and established home builders which specialise in home improvements.

As part of the Summit Homes Group, Summit Home Improvements have helped thousands of WA families reach their home renovations (Perth) dreams for decades. Contact us today for a free in-home design consultation.

In the News: Summit Homes Group scoops gongs at Master Builders awards

Summit Homes Group is celebrating a successful start to the year, scooping a swag of Master Builders awards and predicting a resurgent market in 2017.

After a slow 12 months, the Myaree-based homebuilder is reporting renewed interest, particularly from people keen to enter the property market for the first time following a $5000 increase to the First Home Buyers Grant.

Summit Homes Group metropolitan general manager Tony Harvie said a relaxing of Keystart lending criteria had also had a major influence.

“The changes mean people are talking more positively about the state of the building industry and that is giving potential clients a lot more confidence about pushing forward with their plans,” Mr Harvie said.

“It’s not just first time home buyers either, for every one of them we are also picking up either an upgrader/investor or someone interested in home improvement.”

Mr Harvie said both suppliers and tradespeople had been forced to adjust their rates during last year’s slowdown and that those savings were still on offer.

“The quality of work out there at the moment is much better in general too,” he said.

“When there are not a lot of jobs going around the trades are really conscious of doing the best job they can to try and ensure they pick up more work.”

The market for existing Perth homes, where prices have tumbled 4.4 per cent in the last 12 months, remains Summit Home Group’s biggest competitor.

“It really comes down to the value of buying second hand as opposed to building new,” Mr Harvie said.

“We are seeing a lot of people investigating home improvements after buying in areas like Leeming, Bull Creek and Myaree where you can get a good deal on an existing home.

“Some of those people are building second levels and others are bowling over the existing homes completely to build new.”

Mr Harvie also said home improvement remained popular in Applecross and Mt Pleasant and that there were a number of triplex and duplex development blocks available throughout the City of Melville.

“At some point those blocks will become very popular again, they are probably slightly overpriced at the moment,” he said.

Summit Homes Group picked up both best project builder and best customer service at the recent Master Builders awards and Mr Harvie said he could not be happier.

“We are built around people and we are extremely mindful that we are in this business to build better houses for our clients,” he said.

“You don’t win these kinds of awards if your past clients don’t like you so we are particularly pleased.”


Project Builder of the Year
Best Customer Service
Best Contract Home, $210,000 – $240,000, Easystart Homes
Best Display Home, $240,000 – $260,000, The Fleetwood
Best Display Home, $260,000 – $295,000, The Tropicana
Best Alterations & Additions, $300,000 – $400,000, Kensington
Best Ancillary Dwelling, The Grayson, 94 Manning Road
Best Modular Home, The Lawrence, 83 McCoy Street

Originally published in The Melville Times Newspaper on March 10th, 2017. To view the article online, click here.

Summit Home Improvements recognised for home renovation excellence

Summ-149A sm

For nearly four decades, Summit Home Improvements has been transforming thousands of houses into stunning homes, and it was a wonderful accomplishment to learn that we have been recognised by the 2017 Master Builders-Bankwest Housing Excellence Awards with an award for Best Alterations & Additions, in the price category of $300,000 – $400,000, you can read more about this stunning renovation here.

We were also finalists for two more Best Alterations and Additions Awards in the Under $200,000 price category, read more about one of our finalists here.

Proudly part of the Summit Homes Group, our number one priority is to provide WA homebuyers with the best experience, every time and the industry has recognised our people-focused approach with awards for 2017 Master Builders-Bankwest Housing Excellence Awards Best Customer Service (Project/Volume Builder) and 2017 Master Builders-Bankwest Housing Excellence Awards Project Builder of the Year. It’s all part of our “Built Around People” commitment and mission to build WA’s best places to live, and it’s something we’ve been doing for close to 40 years.

And with the news that Summit Homes Group has been named as one of Australia’s best workplaces for the second year running, you’re clearly in great hands!

While this news is clearly a great result for the group, it is our customers that truly benefit.

With the industry showing signs of a recovery, there is no better time to renovate or build than now.

The full list of awards and accolades are as follows:


– 2017 Master Builders-Bankwest Housing Excellence Awards: Lyn Bennett Memorial, Project Builder of the Year – Summit Homes Group
– 2017 Master Builders-Bankwest Housing Excellence Awards: Best Customer Service, Project/Volume Builder – Summit Homes Group
– 2017 Master Builders-Bankwest Housing Excellence Awards: Best Alterations & Additions, $300,000 – $400,000, Kensington – Summit Home Improvements


– 2017 Master Builders-Bankwest Housing Excellence Awards: Best Alterations and Additions Under $200,000, Rossmoyne – Summit Home Improvements
– 2017 Master Builders-Bankwest Housing Excellence Awards: Best Alterations and Additions Under $200,000, Melville – Summit Home Improvements

And you can see the full list of other awards won by the Summit Homes Group here.

So if you want to renovate your home with WA’s best builder, call Summit Home Improvements on 6365 2901 or contact us online today!

2017 Housing Excellence Awards WINNER

I Want To Renovate. Where Do I Start?

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to renovating your home. A well-planned and executed renovation can add value to your property and of course make it much more comfortable to live in. Plus, by renovating rather than re-locating, could save time and money.

Not sure where to start? Here are our top four things to tick off your list before you start your renovation:

Begin with your budget
Understanding how much you can spend is vital when you are preparing to renovate your home. Speak to your financial advisor or bank to get an idea of how much money you can dedicate to renovating your home. Your budget will shape your plans, and will help you prioritise your wish list.

How will your use the space?
Often times when it comes to home renovations, we find our clients have been inspired by the home designs of their friends and family. While your Uncle Mike’s entertaining area might look great, make sure you ask him about what it’s like to live in. Your home renovations will have a huge impact on day to day life, so it’s worth considering how you will use the space. Consider the future when you renovate as well, making multi-purpose rooms could mean the kids play area now could transform into the study/chill out space when they are older.

Research Renovations
Take a look online to find examples of renovations which could suit your lifestyle or home. The Summit Home Improvements website has a wide range of case studies for you to view and gain inspiration from. When you meet with a consultant, make sure you bring these examples – so they can have a clear idea of what to incorporate within your home renovation design. Having a clear understanding of what is involved when you renovate when your researching will also mean you are organised and prepared for when you have trades onsite. This will help minimise the disruption to family life when your home in getting renovated.

Secure The best Builder For The Job
A house extension is an investment and a specialised project – so how do you know which is the right builder for the job? First, make sure you speak with home builders who specialise in home improvements such as Summit Home Improvements. Renovations are a specialised field and only a builder with extensive experience in house extensions will understand the complexities and costs involved. Look at how long they have been in the industry, their design capabilities and quality of their renovations to determine if they are the best for you.

Ready To Renovate? Make Summit Home Improvements Your First Call

Summit Home Improvements is one of Western Australia’s oldest and trusted home renovation builders in Perth and the South West. Make us your first call, and ask about our free in-home design consultation today.

Transform your home using modular wall frames

Ever wondered how the team at Summit have been able to achieve those stunning home transformations so quickly on Matt and Kim to the Rescue?

This time – in just four days – we gave the Bates family in Waikiki a massive extra 126m2 of living space, and here we share our secrets on how you can achieve the same at your home.

Matt & Kim Rescue Waikiki-999

The secret lies in modular wall frames which is a proven building technique and fully engineered meaning 100% precision in construction and 100% speed in time. Yes, it pretty much guarantees you an instant home!

Extending your home’s footprint using modular wall frames can be achieved using Australian steel or timber and for the renovation at the Bates family home in Waikiki we used timber.

Modular means more living space

The entire rear of the Bates family home now boasts a massive extra 111m2 of living space including a gourmet kitchen, integrated living and dining areas and even a purpose built activity room which Amber is using as a classroom for her children’s home-schooling, plus an outdoor alfresco which Russell is using as his “man cave”!

Matt & Kim Rescue Waikiki-1006


The extra area to the main family home was built using timber frame and then clad in Masterwall for a smooth and seamless finish before being painted and decorated.   And – as you saw on Channel 9’s Matt & Kim to the Rescue – the whole process took just a matter of days.

Matt & Kim Rescue Waikiki-1002

Using the approved building plans, the timber walls were cut to precision, then assembled into wall frames and then transported to Waikiki for installation onsite at the Bates’ home.


The walls and roof structure were erected in a matter of hours and then at a rate of knots the angled ceilings were installed.  External walls were clad in Masterwall which not only looks great but has fantastic thermal properties too.  This time we also used Masterwall’s umbra product as a decorative feature to frame the doors and windows as a stylish design feature to the existing beach shack.


Once the home was secure, all the internal finishes like painting and tiling got underway before we unveiled it to the overwhelmed Bates family.  See, we pretty much told you it was an instant home!

Modular means modern street appeal

Did you know we were able to deliver the stunning front porch and totally revamp the front of the Bates family home using modular wall frames too? It’s true!  For the porch, framed timber posts were erected into concrete footings and then clad to form the walls and magnaflo steel was used for the roof.


Matt & Kim Rescue Waikiki-867

The porch was designed to look like a seamless extension to their home and it totally does!  Plus, it’s a great retreat for Amber and Russell to use as another living space – this time outdoors!

Matt & Kim Rescue Waikiki-978

Modular means more outdoor space

We wanted to breathe fresh life into the backyard too which is why we added a stunning outdoor entertaining space, again built using the latest in modular wall frames.

By building the free-standing alfresco, and positioning it away from the main roof line, we were able to achieve a space that encapsulated a sense of intimacy and seclusion – perfect for Russell to unwind in, or to host guests!   With the inclusion of both an outdoor shower and a place to hang towels, this outdoor area serves as the perfect multi-functional garden feature.

Matt & Kim Rescue Waikiki-853

Having taken inspiration from the finishes used inside the home and in the interests of quality and time, the alfresco was built using premium modular wall frame techniques too. And, with a path leading directly from the home onto the elevated decking, the new area delivers in functionality, versatility and a ‘wow factor’ for the whole family.

Matt & Kim Rescue Waikiki-854

This is not the first time modular wall frames have been used in our work with Matt & Kim to the Rescue.  Check out how we made Australian TV history when we transformed the home of the Flavelle family and also the HoyPoy family.

As you can see, modular wall frames can be used to add more space to your existing home’s footprint or it can be used to add a second storey – both in just a matter of days.  This proven building technique is really only limited to your imagination.

If you’d like to transform your home using modular wall frames, call the home improvement specialists, Summit Home Improvements on 6365 2901 (Perth metro) and 9760 1914 (South West).

And, if you want to watch the episode again, you can at

Top Tips for Adding a Second Storey

There are many success ‘storeys’ of Summit extensions involving adding a second storey. When you think about it, the benefits of 2nd storey additions stack up!

At Summit Home Improvements, we understand moving house can be one of the least appealing outcomes, especially when you love your neighbourhood. Building upwards can be the smart solution instead of moving. You get to keep your backyard, while adding the space you want – whether it’s a luxurious parents retreat, home theatre, additional bedrooms, second bathroom or all of the above!

A 2 storey extension with Summit is the smart solution, because you can give your family more room to move, without having to actually make a move. From the expert Summit Home Improvement team, here are our tops 3 tips to top off your home with a double storey extension.

Save Time And Money With Modular Construction, Which Is Installed In Just One Day.

If there are two things we all want more of, it’s time and money. At Summit Home Improvements, our expert (Summit) renovations team have nearly 40 years’ experience in Western Australia’s building industry, so it’s no surprise they’ve come up with a game-changing process for 2nd storey additions. Imagine coming home to a stunning second storey extension installed while you were at work! With our innovative construction technology, it’s now possible.

It’s now achievable to take your home to a new level, in just one day! Plus, our stunning selection of second storey extension designs is sure to have a solution to fit your lifestyle.

Make Sure Your Design Factors In The Elevation And Street Appeal Of Your Property.

When planning a renovation of any kind, we find many home-owners focus on the benefits it’ll give life inside the home. But it’s important to add curbside appeal, to increase the value and street appearance of your home.

At Summit Home Improvements, our experienced Design Consultants are passionate about 2nd storey extensions that transform a property, while keeping the same style and character of your original home. It’s important to have your 2nd storey addition look and feel as seamless as possible, and we can make sure that happens.

If the homes surrounding yours are two storey homes, take note of their street appeal when discussing your 2nd floor extension ideas.

Finally, if your home has the potential for views with a double storey extension, make sure your second storey extension designs capitalise on it. A great view of the city, river, coastline of even your local park can increase your home’s appeal and value.

Make Sure You Use A Builder Who Is Experienced In 2nd Storey Additions

A home renovation is one of the most important investments you can make to your home. Getting it right will greatly improve the quality of your day-to-day life at home, plus make your home more appealing when you come to sell.

When you come to renovate your home, ask your builder about their second storey extension ideas, and how long the project will take to complete. Better still, ask them if they have a display example of a double storey extension, which would give you a realistic feel of how your home could transform.

Overwhelmed? Summit Home Improvements can help you get on top of things.

With close to four decades’ experience as part of the Summit Homes Group, Summit Home Improvements can get you into a well-designed and constructed renovation, adding functionality and appeal to your home.

The possibilities are endless with Summit Home Improvements. Call us today to find out more.

Tune in this Sunday night for Matt and Kim to the Rescue on Channel 9 and WIN TV!

Save the date! This Sunday February 19 we are back for the fourth time transforming lives with Channel 9’s Matt & Kim to the Rescue.

At Summit we’re Built Around People so helping the community is something we value.  It’s also one of the reasons why we were named as back-to-back winners as one of the Best Places to Work.

This time we are back transforming the lives of the Bates family.

Read more about this inspiring transformation and be sure to tune in this Sunday February 19 from 7:30pm on Channel 9 and WIN TV to see the full reveal come to life. Bring your tissues though as this one is set to be another tear-jerker! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for all the behind-the scenes action!

If you can’t wait till Sunday, check out this exclusive sneak peek!

Renovating an Investment Property

A well planned and researched renovation can do wonders for upping a property’s re-sale or rental value. Whether you’re renovating a newly-purchased home to prepare it for tenants, giving your rental a spruce up or renovating your investment property before a sale, our property renovation experts at Summit Home Improvements show you how you could reap your renovation rewards!

Renovating to Ramp up Rental and Home Sale Value
A well-renovated rental property not only ensures happy tenants, but gives you reason to ask for higher rents. The trick is knowing how to renovate to increase the value of your property, while appealing to a prospective tenant, willing to pay a higher rent. Approximately 31 per cent of Australia’s adult population rent, so before you begin your Summit Home Improvement, it’s important to know what renters (and home-buyers) are looking for by speaking to a real estate agent first.

Change the internal layout
Some older properties are not well laid out internally, and therefore require internal modifications. Many families preferring an open-plan layout, which allows them the flexibility to cook, eat and watch TV together.  At Summit Home Improvements, we can help you modernise the layout of your home to reflect your prospective tenants’ lifestyle – making your home more attractive when you rent it out.

Number of Bedrooms
The majority of renters and home buyers alike tell us that when selecting a property, the number of bedrooms is highly important. Adding more bedrooms to your home can make it more suitable to a wider range of prospective buyers and tenants, which can help you to achieve a higher rental. With this in mind, it is worth considering converting the study into extra bedroom space or even adding a parent’s retreat. Check out similar homes for sale or rent in your neighbourhood, to give you an idea of the value it may add to your home after the renovation is complete.

Ensuite and Additional Bathrooms
Once considered a luxury, ensuite bathrooms are now a standard feature of WA homes. If a family is looking to rent your home, an additional family bathroom or ensuite could make it far more appealing to prospective tenants who don’t want to share only one bathroom between a household of people. Plus, it could add value to your home when you come to sell it, as it will appeal to a broader audience.

Built-In Wardrobes and Storage Space
Australians are spoilt when it comes to space, so it’s no surprise home storage rates high on the ‘wish lists’ of families looking for a home to rent or purchase. Adding storage options could make all the difference.  When renovating the home, you can easily include various new home storage solutions, including built-in wardrobs. To make the most of your bedroom space when adding wardrobes, consider floor-to-ceiling built-ins.

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Now is the best time to build

Have you heard the good news?  Now is the best time to build!  All signs are pointing to the market entering a recovery phase which means it is starting to rise.

This is great news for anyone looking to build a new home, and in particular homeowners who want to make improvements or upgrades.

So, just why is now the best time to build?

  1. Summit Home Improvements can transform homes in just one day using proven modular construction techniques
  2. Summit will treat your home with the personalised and tailored approach it deserves, and skilled Design Consultants will help you achieve your vision
  3. We can offer you a fixed price contract so there are no nasty surprises
  4. We offer a complete home renovation service, from concept, council approval and onsite project management to after build service
  5. Your home will be built by a local, WA team specialising in home improvements
  6. No overseas of outsourcing of the design or construction
  7. Personalised service and customised designs
  8. Close to 40 years of home improvement experience
  9. Home loan interest rates are now at record lows
  10. The trend towards new home investing is strengthening

Want to know more? Check out what the industry is saying here as part of the Now is the Best Time to Build campaign. Click on the image below to download our info graphic.

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We are back for the fourth time transforming lives with Matt & Kim to the Rescue!

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Guess who’s back? We’re back again for the FOURTH time, helping to transform lives with Matt and Kim to the Rescue, and we are so excited to share the results with you!

At Summit we’re Built Around People so helping the community is something we really value.  This time we are transforming the home and lives of the Bates family, from Waikiki.

They are a gorgeous bunch of West Aussies that really needed a change of luck.  Parents Amber and Russell with their four children, Ethany, Xavier, Imogen and Adison have been though their share of hardships. Adison was born premature with chronic lung disease, cerebral palsy, hypotonia, verbal and oral dyspraxia, dysarthria and sensory processing disorder. Xavier and Imogen are on the autism spectrum and Russell recently battled kidney cancer.

This young family live in a small and run down 1950s beach shack that needs a bit of TLC. Not only was the house simply too small for their large family, but as Amber home-schools their children, it needed a dedicated space for education and inspiration. Amber and Russell bought their house because it was close to the beach, with the intention of one day knocking it down to build their dream home. Unfortunately they haven’t had the chance… and that’s where Matt and Kim come in!

Wait till you see how this home gets transformed!

The dream of their perfect family home was taken away as a succession of medical issues took priority and the ever-increasing bills took over. Never complaining and ever optimistic, Amber and Russell decided to invest in their children’s lives first and simply accept that their home wouldn’t be changing for a long time.

As well as dedicating their lives to their children, Amber has tirelessly dedicated her time towards helping other parents going through similar situations that they did with Adison, even through her own family’s struggles. Tiny Sparks WA is a charity that Amber co-founded to assist women enduring high-risk pregnancies or families with a baby in a Neonatal Unit due to prematurity or illness. Russell and Amber’s dedication to providing the best future for their family is truly inspirational and they are very much deserving of a renovation!

The Summit Homes Group team once again showed their dedication to the cause, volunteering their time, energy and skills to this deserving family turning the Bates family’s house from a tired shack into their dream family home.

Matt and Kim led the rescue, expertly supported by our Building Manager Jeff Edgar who, drawing on his 30+ years’ experience in transforming homes with Summit, has once again proved that amazing things can happen when great people work together.

The work was carried out in trademark Summit speed over an incredibly busy four days which, as you’ll soon see, will have you reaching for the tissues yet again!

Follow our Facebook page for all the behind-the-scenes action and stay tuned for the full reveal.

Want to know more? Read about our first,  second and third transformation with Matt & Kim too!

5 Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Will your 2017 include kitchen renovations? We’ve asked our design experts to run through what’s new in the world of kitchens, with the ”Top 5 Kitchen Home Improvement Trends we’ll be seeing in 2017.

Colour Trends

In 2017, we’re anticipating a rise in monochrome tones in home extensions. Expect to see grey, black and white tones in kitchen improvements, whether used in entire counter tops, cupboards, appliances or subtle accents. While black and white have always been popular colours for kitchen renovations, demand for grey products has surged. Want to inject a bit more colour? Consider blues, blue-greens and earthy greens.

Open Plan – Integrating kitchen, living and dining

The trend of open plan living is still surging, but we see it most in home improvements centred on the kitchen. Spacious, open-plan rooms are the perfect space for entertaining, which usually takes place around the kitchen. Think large kitchen islands in big open-plan areas and tall cabinets. Islands with concealed cabinets offer plenty of storage space, plus somewhere to hide kitchen utensils and appliances while the room is used for entertaining.

Alfresco kitchens

The humble Aussie barbecue has evolved! More and more Australians are including an outdoor kitchen in their home improvements and kitchen renovations plans for alfresco dining. And why not? With spectacular weather for the greater part of the year, it makes sense to enjoy alfresco dining. An alfresco kitchen means everyone can be in the same outdoor space, rather than the cook going back and forth between the house and patio. Of course, our expert renovation builders (Perth) at Summit Home Improvements will ensure your outdoor kitchen will withstand the harsh Australian climate and look great all year ’round.

Integrated Appliances

Another kitchen trend for house extensions in 2017 is to integrate appliances into the kitchen’s design. If you love the minimalist look, which is also on trend, talk to our design team about integrating appliances and workstations into your kitchen renovations. Having your fridge, microwave hidden away can take your kitchen from looking cluttered to looking clean. At Summit Home Improvements, our designers can help you integrate all of your appliances, so you never have to compromise on style.

Getting back to nature

A common theme for materials, design and colour for home improvements in 2017 is a return to nature. Designers are focused on bringing in earthy colours and soft textures into homes, with the use of stone bench tops and textured tile splashbacks.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Many Perth families undergoing kitchen improvements and say their kitchen it’s their most valuable room of the home. It’s a space where we cook and enjoy food while socialising with loved ones.

At Summit Home Improvements, we have looked after home renovations (Perth) families love for decades! As part of the Summit Homes Group, we’ve helped thousands of home-owners reinvigorate their dream home. So get started today by contacting Summit Home Improvements!

Going up? Adding A Second Storey To Your Home

At Summit Home Improvements, we know a second storey extension can impact all areas of your home life, so it’s nice to know the benefits to building up before you get started.

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 4 reasons why a second storey extension with Summit Home Improvements may be the right renovation option for you.

1.Maximise Space

Second storey additions are the ideal solution if you want to maximise your interior living space. This is especially important if you are adding space to a home on a smaller block. At the same time, second storey extensions are ideal if you have established gardens or a pool which you want to preserve.

2. Potential views
If there’s a good chance that an upper level will have great views, then it’s a good idea to make the most of it and build a 2 storey extension. If your home’s location is near a beach, park, hills or waterways, a double storey extension is the ideal way to take advantage of the scenery.

3. Second storey extensions can save time
One major headache with home renovations can be the inconvenience on your home life for a continued amount of time. This doesn’t have to be the case with a double storey extension by Summit Home Improvements. Ask us about our innovative construction technology, which allows a double storey extension to be added while you’re at work, with services plus staircase connected and completed in a matter of weeks!

4. Growing benefits
With a range of stunning second storey extension designs, the home improvements experts at Summit Home Improvements can show you just how versatile a second storey addition can be! As you’ll see when you browse our stunning designs, many people enjoy the option of having a family room or study space on the same level as the additional bedrooms. Plus, we can tailor a double storey extension design to suit your needs.

For a faster and superior build, move up with Summit Home Improvements.

No matter what your motivation for adding a double storey extension, it’s essential that it is designed and built by an experienced and expert home builder who can manage the process from start to finish. When you visit our stunning showroom, you’ll see we’ve built a second-storey display, so you can see and feel an example of the finished product when you renovate with Summit Home Improvements. Our quality 2 storey extensions are beautifully crafted and offer a realistic example of your home renovation dream, showcasing all the possibilities!

The benefits of building up sure do stack up with Summit Home Improvements! Call us today to get started!

We’re renovating! The do’s and don’ts of starting your project.

“We’re renovating”: a statement sure to spark conversation and invite opinion at a weekend barbecue or dinner party. Renovation projects can be highly rewarding and fun, but also stressful. At Summit Home Improvements, we believe the key to a successful renovation is planning. Enlisting professional advice from early on can save you time and money in the long run.

Why renovate?

There are many benefits to carrying out home improvements. Whether your house renovations consist of home extensions, updating a room or completely remodelling your home, the time and money you spend should be a long term investment in the comfort and enjoyment of your home life. Plus – when in the hands of experienced renovation builders (Perth) – a renovation project could help in increasing the value of your property.

House Renovations: Splurge V Save

So, what are the keys to a successful renovation? From our experts at Summit Home Improvements, here are our tips on what to what to splurge on and what to save on when renovating your home.


Focus on WHY you’re renovating. Whether you’re planning to stay in your home until retirement age, or just another five years, you’ll get your home renovation right when you consider how you wish to live in your home, and whether your home improvements will have a broad appeal to others should you choose to sell your property in the future.

Choose a qualified, experienced builder. There’s no substitute for experience, and when it comes to your biggest financial investment, your home is in good hands with Summit Home Improvements. The Summit Home Improvement team has almost 4 decades’ experiences in home building and house extensions, having project managed home renovations for over 3000 WA families.

Think to the future. When undertaking significant renovation works, it’s important to look at your home long-term as well. For example you may only need an additional new bedroom for another baby, however as your children grow older the need for a space for them to play, study or relax in may become a high priority as well, so consider what you can achieve for your budget and what will make your home most comfortable to live in for years to come.


DIY work without a license. Sure, Uncle Bill might be a reliable home handyman, but that doesn’t mean he’s the right person to take care of the plumbing and electrical work for your home renovations (Perth). Having a licensed tradesman do the work could mean your house doesn’t go up in flames, literally!

Renovate based on trends. What may be in fashion now, will be out later. It’s best to make your (Summit) renovations decisions based on your personal tastes. When it comes to colour choices for your kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations, classic neutrals like black, grey and white are timeless.

Transform your house into a stunning home with Summit Home Improvements.

Summit Home Improvements has close to 40 years’ experience in homebuilding and has helped thousands of home-owners with Summit extensions, delivering a lifestyle they’ve dreamed about.

Summit renovations can make your dream home a reality, without having to change your address! Call Summit Home Improvements today!

Home Renovating Trends for 2017

A new year symbolises a new chapter. A fresh start. So, what better time to consider home improvements?

The house renovations trends you’ll love in 2017 include colour palettes with warmer tones, escapism with parents retreats, minimalism and hidden appliances. Whether it be bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations or house extensions such as a second storey addition, our expert team at Summit Home Improvements have your go-to guide of what’s hot (and what’s not) for 2017.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms remain the most popular rooms to renovate with; they’re highly-trafficked rooms which – when renovated correctly with an expert such as Summit extensions – will add value to your property.

Kitchen Renovations


  • Talk to Summit Home Improvements about minimalism, which will be huge in 2017. Think kitchen appliances cleverly concealed by cabinetry.
  • Use quality, natural materials for surfaces. Timber and stone will remain popular choices in the bathroom.
  • Move on from brushed stainless steel appliances. Shiny, warm-toned metals such as bronze and gold will add elegance to your kitchen, or consider white to blend into cabinetry.


  • Compromise on bench and storage space.
  • Use an unusual colour palette – stick to classic, natural tones.

Bathroom Renovations


  • Be smart with storage in your bathroom renovation plan. Having more concealed bathroom storage solutions and clearer bench spaces will leave room for a ‘mindful space’.
  • Consider black and brushed metal tapware.
  • Choose modern and timeless colours like black, white and grey. However, 2017 will also see different hues introduced like charcoal, granite and greige.


  • Include copper. This trend is slowly edging out of style, as demonstrated by mass-produced copper coloured homewares being sold for cheap on clearance tables at discount department stores.

House Renovations – Flooring Options


  • Install hard-wearing, quality flooring options. Summit Home Improvements in 2017 will include warm-toned flooring, such as terracotta, timber and cork, which add comfort and texture to your living space.


  • Stick to all-white or marble for your floor. Think warm rather than cool.

Home Improvements – Choosing Colours


  • Consider luxe, jewel-toned hues for your furniture, walls and window coverings. Dark green is considered a classic, classy colour, which we expect to see introduced to many Summit Homes renovations projects in 2017.


  • Fill your home with super-polished materials such as copper, brass and rose gold.

Home Extensions – Escapism

Homes with quiet nooks and places to find solace, such as a parent’s retreat or second storey addition will increase in popularity as we seek to escape being surrounded by technology.


  • Choose décor you love when furnishing your parents retreat or second storey. This space is all about you!
  • Furnish your retreat with comfortable lounge chairs, large pillows, knitted throw rugs and a side table and/or book shelf, to encourage comfort and calm.
  • Include dimmers on your lighting. Unlike your workplace were you spend most of the day surrounded by fluorescent overhead lights and beaming computer monitors, the retreat should offer a welcome contrast of relaxed mood lighting.


  • Use your retreat as a space for a large-screen TV or PC.
  • Let the space become cluttered. Whether it be a second storey parent’s retreat or ‘technology-free’ zone, make it a priority for this zone to have one purpose – relaxation.

No matter the Summit home improvement trends, if you’re looking to renovate your home in 2017, our capable and experienced team at Summit Home Improvements will ensure you choose what works for your space. With nearly 40 years’ experience, we’re renowned for seamless home renovations (Perth). From concept, to council approvals, on-site project management and after-build service, you won’t have to lift a finger! Contact us today!

Christmas Closure

Season’s Greetings!! Our Myaree office and showrooms are closed from Saturday 24th December – Tuesday 3rd January.

We hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year!🎄🎉

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