Bayswater Nouveau Retro Renovation

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Bayswater Nouveau Retro Renovation

Bayswater couple bring an original retro back to life

The old adage `don’t judge a book by its cover’ perhaps best describes the pleasant surprise these homeowners experienced when they first discovered this original 1961 Bayswater retro home.

Unable to attend an advertised home open one Saturday, Grant suggested to his partner, Steve, that perhaps he could drop by and take a quick look at the property.

“We had been looking in the area for quite a while by the time this property had come up. Grant was working that weekend but wanted me to check it out without him anyway. I wasn’t really that keen at first” said Steve, recalling that he knew the exterior of the home and didn’t hold high hopes for it.

“It looked more like my nanna would live there,” he jokes, “with beige bricks, awnings over the front windows and roses lining the path.

“However, I went along, and the moment I walked in the front door it was like I was stepping into my family home. Everything about it reminded me of my childhood and I was overwhelmed with a sense that this was a place I wanted to call home.”

The interior had remained largely untouched since its construction; 12 foot high ceilings, with 500mm wide cornices and pattern feature ceilings throughout the lounge/dining/kitchen.

“I could see that the house had good bones. Even the original hallway tiles perfectly suited the home,” added Steve.

Grant accompanied Steve in the second visit to the home. He was equally lured by the home’s charm. They placed on offer on the property which was accepted.

And so began the hard work.

“We had bought some land in Mt Lawley with the intention of building our dream home, so this place was only ever planned as an interim home we could renovate and then sell off to fund the construction of our new home,” said Grant.

“However, a series of events unfolded which made building the Mt Lawley house impossible, and in the meantime we were becoming quite attached to this place. We decided to stay here and make this our home.”

Initially Grant and Steve made a few improvements to enhance the liveability of the home which included replacing tile and carpet in the lounge/dining with WA Blackbutt polished wood floors and floor-to-ceiling built-in robes in the master bedroom. In an effort to improve the eco-quality of the home they also installed 18 solar power panels on the roof.

“But there came the time to give the home the look it really deserved,” said Steve.

Methodical in their approach, the owners went about preparing a design and construction brief to give their home what they called a ‘nouveau retro’ renovation.

“Rather than try and disguise the original long angular shape of the home’s frontage, instead we wanted to introduce some funky, 60’s-retro focal points which would create more texture to the facade,” said Grant.

“In addition, we wanted to add the functionality of an ensuite to the master bedroom and a carport, as well as install new joinery throughout the house as much of this had weathered over the years.”

On issuing the brief, the owners met with a number of construction companies including Design Consultant Charlie Haddad from Summit Home Improvements.

“We were really impressed with Charlie the first time we met him,” said Steve.

“He listened to everything we were saying and wasn’t trying to tell us what we should do.  He interpreted what we wanted and then came back with a set of drawings which largely reflected everything we had discussed.”

It took just three months for construction to be completed, at which time a new ensuite and carport were constructed, and new joinery installed including large stacking doors in the dining area which open into a vast oasis of garden.

“We were really pleased with Summit Home Improvement’s design and construction,” said Grant.

“The new additions have improved the home’s liveability, as well as created that nouveau retro 60’s feel we were chasing – a good example of form and function working together.”

The homeowners both agree the design and construction improvements to the interior and exterior have stayed true to the design brief and retro feel.

They then went about fitting out the internal work in the kitchen, lounge/dining, ensuite and laundry spaces.

Asked what their plans are for the future, and both Grant and Steven are quick to list a myriad of improvements and enhancements they have planned for the home and outdoors. Whether it’s finishing off the interiors or continuing to expand on their impressive outdoor garden and entertainment area, one thing is for sure; this once neglected house will continue to be their home for many years to come.

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