Palmyra Hidden Oasis

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Palmyra Hidden Oasis

A hidden suburban oasis

Palmyra homeowners Allan and Carol had only just put their home on the market when it struck them that they were making the wrong decision.

“The house had only been on the market for three weeks and we were returning one Sunday afternoon from visiting home opens when we were reminded why we really loved living here” said Allan.

“Our neighbours had all gathered in the cul de sac where we lived and were having an afternoon drink; everyone knows each other and its one of those streets that is a great place to live.  It struck both of us that we actually really loved living here; we just didn’t particularly like our home.  So we took the property off the market and wrote a list of everything we wanted to improve.”

On that list included a minor addition to the home and a reconfiguration of the master bedroom’s walk in robe and ensuite.

“While we were comfortable with managing a number of internal improvements such as new flooring, a new kitchen and painting, we were also very aware that the improvements to our master bedroom needed an experienced builder who could design and construct exactly what we wanted” said Allan.

A key feature which enhanced the liveability of the home was a Bali villa style outdoor living, dining and pool area which had been designed to make use of the generous space in the front garden.  This new private oasis set the scene for the home improvements which the owners had sketched out.

Angelo Tomassone, Design Consultant for Summit Home Improvements was one of a number of builders who met with the couple to discuss their requirements.

“Angelo was great.  He immediately understood what we were trying to achieve and how we wanted our master bedroom to open up into this new tropical oasis.  He also came up with a great solution; turning our existing ensuite into a walk in robe, and then converting our study which adjoined the master bedroom into a larger, modern ensuite.”

To achieve this improvement, the master bedroom was slightly enlarged and fitted with floor to ceiling doors which open into the deck area; providing the owners with an uninterrupted view of their tropical garden and pool.

“It was so easy working with Summit Home Improvements.  Angelo really listened to us, he wasn’t pushy, and had really practical ideas and solutions which made the improvements more cost effective” said Allan.

While the couple have undertaken a myriad of home renovations in the past, Allan was complimentary of Summit Home Improvement’s team, saying they were very efficient and easy to work with.

“We are happy we decided not to move. This really is a great street to live in and now we feel like this is a home we look forward to coming back to every day.”

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