Getting Started

Careful planning of your renovation can be made even easier if you follow the below checklist.

  • Think generally about how you use your home now and what you would like to change.
  • Write down your ideas or even do some sketches to really help get your ideas across.
  • Watch how your family lives, and what spaces they use most.
  • Start collecting magazine pictures and articles that inspire you, and keep everything in a file.
  • Identify what kind of outer style/streetscape you prefer and what homes you are drawn to.

If you are ready to talk, our Design Consultants would love to help you bring you new home dream to life and can help you turn your ideas into reality. It all starts with a no obligation free in-home discussion and from there we can assist with creative suggestions about helping you achieve the lifestyle you’d like to live.

When you are happy with our design solutions, we will measure your home and draw up preliminary plans. When the plans are ready we will invite you into our showroom, so you can see the plans along with computer generated images showing how your home will look when the improvements are completed along with an accurate building estimate.