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Christmas Office Closure

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From the team at Summit Home Improvements we wish you a wonderful and safe holiday season.

Our office will be closed from Thursday 24th December to Sunday 3rd January.

We will respond to all enquiries when we return on Monday 4th January 2016.

Renovating on a budget: 5 top tips

Homeowners are increasingly looking to add value and lifestyle to their existing homes through renovations. From second storey and ground floor extensions and additions, to refurbishments, external improvements and other upgrades, it’s easy to start reaching six figures, fast.

Renovation cost (Perth) is often the overriding obstacle standing between you and achieving your vision. Yet you might be surprised at how a few little strategies can help reduce the overall cost of renovation per square metre.

Here are our top tips for budgeting for renovation.

1. Plan your budget
First and foremost, you need to work out exactly what your limitations are. Work out your budget, being realistic about what you want to spend and achieve. Once you have a definitive figure in place, you’ll have a target to work towards, making it far easier to plan your priorities. For example, extending your living area may be all you can afford, meaning you can sacrifice those lesser cosmetic improvements (such as new roofing).

2. Look at the design
If you’re having trouble squeezing the things you want to do under a tight budget, talking to a reputable designer may help you work out how and be able to advise how you can optimise the design in a way that saves you money while still maintaining your objectives.

3. Hire professionals
Even if you’ve written up a strict budget, and revised your designs to maximise your dollar mileage, it doesn’t always mean you’re going to reduce the cost of renovation per square metre. Execution of your plans is where the risk of blowouts really happens. Getting the right trades is extremely important, as mistakes can be costly to fix. Be sure to do your research in advance and go with the most qualified tradespeople you can access.

4. DIY
If you’ve got the capabilities and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, many home renovators save money on renovation cost (Perth) by completing any demolition work needed. It’s important to be realistic about what you can achieve yourself, and to set timeframes for the work to be finished. Often renovators start a project, only to find themselves only able to squeeze in small amounts of work across multiple weekends (and consequently living in a construction site).

5. Seek advice you can trust
It’s always a good idea to speak to a professional when budgeting for renovation. They can help identify the areas that will save you the most money. And remember – choosing a reputable builder with strong buying power can make for a cost effective build.

Summit Home Improvements – helping homeowners reduce renovation cost (Perth)

As part of the Summit Group, Summit Home Improvements has the buying power and long history of success to ensure you can not only reduce the cost of renovation per square metre, but also end up with exceptional renovations.

They can take care of all your home improvement needs, from kitchen refurbishments through to full scale additions and extensions. And because all work comes with a lifetime structural guarantee, you can relax knowing you’ve made the best possible investment.

Book an obligation free design consultation with a Summit Home Improvements designer today.

Enhancing Street Appeal with Home Improvements

The 60s had go-go boots. The 70s had flared jeans. The 80s had shoulder pads. As trendy as we may have thought we were at the time, these styles have done their dash. The same goes for home style.

If your façade is stuck in a bygone era, it’s time to bring it into the 21st century with a street appeal makeover. Street appeal not only shows you take pride in your home, it’s also critical for getting results when the time comes to sell – a few key changes now can lead to multiple figures later.

We tend to have an emotional attachment to our homes, so finding its flaws can be tricky. Try standing on the opposite side of the street, and look at your home as if judging it for the first time. Suddenly the walls look dated, the paint is peeling, and the roof tiles are a horrible mossy green.

Read the following tips for home renovation (Perth, WA), and you’ll be well on the way to enhancing the street appeal of your home.

Say goodbye to ugly brickwork
It’s hard to believe we thought those dark red-brown 70s bricks actually looked good. Surrounded by modern homes, they now appear dark, depressing and uninviting. Professional cement rendering in a light, modern colour will not only lift the mood of your home, it will also lift the look of your home too.

Make an entrance
How many times have you turned up to a home and have to search for the front door? A sharp-looking entrance draws the eye and invites visitors inward. There are many ways to ensure your entrance looks its best, and also increases its functionality, for example create a new double garage.

New roof
Older roofs not only require plenty of maintenance and repairs, they can also make your home look dated. Whether choosing Colorbond or tiles, re-roofing can modernise your home with a more polished appearance. Given that the roof can make up to 30% of your home’s façade, it’s an element you should pay a great deal of attention to.

Paint your home
Out-dated colours, or flaking, faded paint seriously diminishes the calibre of your home’s visual appeal. Look to paint your home with a fresh, vibrant, modern colour, and you’ll breathe new life into your home’s street appeal.

Summit Home Improvements – the experts in home renovation (Perth, WA)
If you’re really serious about optimising your home’s street appeal, talk to the specialists in home improvements (Perth) – Summit Home Improvements.

They can take care of all your home improvement needs, from kitchen refurbishments through to full scale additions and extensions. And because all work comes with a lifetime structural guarantee, you can relax knowing you’ve made the best possible investment.

Need some inspiration for your home renovation (Perth, WA)?
Check out Summit’s state-of-the-art showroom, where you can see what your vision could look like. You can also view the quality of Summit Home Improvement extensions at their full size two-storey display home.Book an obligation free design consultation with a Summit Home Improvements designer today.

Converting a 3 x 1 into a 4 x 2

Remember when you first bought your 3 x 1? It seemed so perfect – neat, tidy, and practical. Looking back, it’s certainly served you well over the years as a fantastic little starter home.

Now your life has changed, and suddenly those three bedrooms and solitary bathroom no longer cut it. Thing is, you’re happy with your home and love where you live – what do you do?

Home renovation is a popular solution. By engaging a reputable home improvement specialist to add an extra bedroom and bathroom, you can transform your modest 3 x 1 into a spacious family residence.

There are two main benefits of converting a 3 x 1 into a 4 x 2:

Expands your home’s space

As life changes, your home should evolve with you. Many homeowners welcome new additions to the family, sparking the need for an extra bedroom. You could build a new room for the third child, or take the opportunity to create a luxurious master suite. This is a popular choice with 3 x 1 homeowners, as it allows you to add an ensuite at the same time.

Of course, a second bathroom (that’s not an ensuite) is also a great option for homeowners looking to maintain family harmony. They can be designed to complement your existing home by seamlessly blending old with new.

Future plans

While converting a 3 x 1 into a 4 x 2 is primarily designed to meet your family’s needs, it also means the changes you make will also satisfy another future family when the time comes to sell. Having an additional room and bathroom, is often a great point of difference when you put your home on the market especially if the housing stock in your area is predominately 3 x 1.

For your best chance of optimising the value adding of your home improvement, it pays to take into account the type of people that live and buy in your area.

Summit Home Improvements – the experts in 3 x 1 home renovation

If converting a 3 x 1 into a 4 x 2 is the right move for your evolving lifestyle needs, talk to Summit Home Improvements. They specialise in renovations of homes in Perth, just like yours.

They have a highly experienced team of award-winning designers, meaning they can actually advise you on the possibilities for your home renovation. The designer will work with you to figure out the best layout for converting a 3 x 1 into a 4 x 2, resulting in an exceptional, customised home improvement solution.

Ready to talk through your vision, budget and options? Book an obligation free design consultation with a Summit Home Improvements designer today. 

Top 5 Tips for Home Improvement

So, you love where you live? The street, the parks, the shops, the schools – it’s all exactly what you’re looking for. Yet the same can’t be said for your home. Life has moved on, and you need it to come along for the ride.

Maybe you’ve got a growing family and demand more bedrooms? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to expand your internal living space outside with a deluxe entertaining area? Whatever it is, you’re ready to transform the home you live in, into a home you love.

But where do you start? These top 5 home improvement tips will help you embark on your exciting home renovation (Perth, WA).

1. Get inspiration
Your first step is to work out what your home improvements will look like. Take to the online world, where a range of websites provide limitless inspiration from other homeowners. Houzz, Pinterest and This Old House are excellent places to browse. Create a dedicated home improvements folder and use it to save any ideas you come across that you like.

2. Set your budget
Now that you’ve got an idea of what improvements you want to make, you’ll need to work out exactly what you can afford. Depending on the budget you set, you may have to prioritise your renovations.

For those with limited funds it’s a good idea to consider the types of improvements that will enhance not only your lifestyle but also your home’s future resale value. It’s important to speak to a professional to find the most value-adding examples of home improvements in your area, these could be a second storey addition, ground floor extension, bedroom and ensuite addition or kitchen and bathroom remodels.

3. Choose the right builder
It’s crucial that you chose the right builder to handle your home renovations (Perth, WA). Look for companies with decades of experience (particularly those that specialise in home improvement design), with a long track record of success. Look for a reliable, reputable builder has access to the best tradespeople, and ask how they will quote the job – will it be a fixed price with no provisional sums? Friends and neighbours are also a great source of recommendations, and ask them if you can look at examples of their own home improvements.

4. Plan for the renovation period
Home renovations (Perth, WA) are exciting, but it’s important to recognise an plan your living arrangement before your renovate! If you are staying put, you should work out how to best manage daily life during the construction.

5. Enjoy your home
If you follow our tips, you’ll end up with excellent renovations. And when you improve your home, you’re also transforming your lifestyle – so enjoy it!

Summit Home Improvements can help you love your home more. Specialising only in home improvement (Perth), they’ve completed more than 3000 home renovations across Perth, WA, over 30 years. Leave it to Summit to take care of your entire journey, from concept, to council approvals, onsite project management, and after-build service.

Ready to talk through your vision, budget and options? Book an obligation-free design consultation with a Summit Home Improvements designer today. Visit

Partnering With Matt & Kim to The Rescue


We are excited to announce our involvement with a very worthwhile and important project with Channel 9’s Matt and Kim to the Rescue!
They approached us and told us of a very inspiring couple, Ray and Ruth. Together, they have battled more than their fair share of health and financial issues yet despite that, their positive attitude and generosity has never wavered. Because we are Built Around People and love to support the community that we have called home for close to 40 years, we never hesitated in getting involved after hearing their story.

Matt and Kim to the Rescue meet Ruth and Ray

Matt and Kim to the Rescue meet Ruth and Ray

Their story soon filtered through the Summit Homes Group team and we were inundated with volunteers wanting to help. Close to 200 staff generously gave up their time and swapped their office clothes for safety glasses, gloves and steel capped boots to help out where they could. Many of our valued suppliers were also touched by Ray and Ruth’s story and have generously donated their materials and time to help make this project become a reality.

Summit Homes Group volunteers hard at work

Summit Homes Group volunteers hard at work

Along with Matt and Kim, Jeff Edgar, our Summit Home Improvements Building Manager put his hand-up to plan and project manage this unique renovation. He was the perfect choice to lead the transformation, having managed literally thousands of other renovation jobs in his almost 30 years with the company.
Jeff Edgar talking to Matt on camera

A huge amount of planning, sweat and muscles went into this, and there have been smiles and laughter all the way. We have been overwhelmed by the support and generosity our team has shown and can’t wait to show you the finished result. After all, when great people come together, great things happen.

A team that is Built Around People can make magic!

Summit Homes Group volunteers group photo

Summit Homes Group volunteers

Like our Summit Homes Group Facebook page to keep up to date with all the details and behind-the-scenes shots on site and tune in on Sunday, November 29 to watch this transformation unfold!

The Top Three Home Renovation Ideas for the Ultimate Home Entertainer


Choosing to renovate your home can truly transform your lifestyle! Your home is your sanctuary; a place to feel relaxed, safe and happy. But it’s also a space to welcome friends and family. If your home renovation dream is to create the ultimate home to entertain in, read on for the top three entertaining home improvements (Perth).

1. Your Kitchen: The ‘Entertainment Hub’ Of The Home
Ever notice that regardless of the size or state of the house, guests always gather in the kitchen? Getting together with friends and family usually revolves around food, so if you want to create the ultimate entertaining space at home, it makes sense to start with the kitchen. If you currently have a small kitchen, you may want to look at relocating or extending its size. If the kitchen is at the back of the property, creating a larger kitchen with open-plan dining and living areas makes for an entertaining-friendly home layout.

2. Inside – Out
WA’s comfortable climate allows us to entertain outdoors for most of the year, and if you enjoy having friends and family around it’s worth considering adding an outdoor entertaining space to your home renovation plans. For inspiration, consider visiting showrooms, researching online, looking in magazines and books to find a style you like. There are so many options, so consider how you will use the space. Would a large alfresco space for all your friends or family be best for you? Perhaps adding an outdoor kitchen or bar area so you can stay close to guests? Lastly, consider how the outdoor entertaining space will connect to the home. Many people look to add bi-fold doors as they create a seamless indoor/outdoor living space that’s ideal for entertaining.

3. Theatre and Games Rooms
Modernising your home to add a theatre or games room has become a popular option. Whether it’s creating that extra space for the kids to play while their friends are over, a chill out zone for teenagers or a place to host movie nights – it’s all about making your home work with your lifestyle.

So whether it’s a place where you relax, laugh and spend time the most time with your loved ones– Summit Home Improvements (Perth), as part of the Summit Homes Group, has helped thousands of homeowners reinvigorate their properties into home entertainer’s dreams! Get your new home underway today. Call Summit Home Improvements (Perth) on 08 6365 2901, or 08 9760 1940 (South West).

Second Storey Additions Perth: Taking Your Home Life To New Heights!

When extending your home, you have two choices – out or up. An upper storey addition to an existing house can offer excellent value and significantly improve your lifestyle, if you employ the right builder. Extending up rather than out is the perfect option if you have an established patio, garden or pool which you want to keep. An upper storey extension also means you can take advantage of views of your streetscape.

Here are the 3 starting steps towards building a second storey extension (Perth);

1.Create A Basic ‘Brief’
Before you meet with a builder, have a frank discussion with your home’s occupants on how daily life under your roof can be improved by a renovation. Start with writing out a list of additional spaces you’d like to add. For example, do your kids need a bigger play area? Would you like a parent’s retreat which is tucked away from the main living space? Think about whose bedrooms will be moved to the upstairs space, and how you would capitalise on the view and additional space.

2.Take A Walk
An upper storey addition will significantly change the street-front appearance of your home. So it’s worthwhile walking through your neighbourhood and looking at other double storey homes in the area. You’ll likely pick up some inspiration for your own upper storey extension as you go! It’ll also help to see if the look of your proposed upper storey addition is in keeping with your neighbourhood. To gain a greater idea of the style and finish you are expecting, visit your proposed builders showroom or display to get a feel for the products you would like to use within your second storey extension.

3.Book The Best Builder
Emotionally and financially, you just can’t afford to settle for an inexperienced builder. It’s best to choose a builder who specialises in or has extensive experience in building second storey additions (Perth). You should ask your builder how long they’ve been in business for, and view some of their case studies .

Take your upper storey addition to new heights with Summit Home Improvements!

If you’ve chosen the right builder, you’ll love your second storey addition from day one, so it’s well worthwhile taking the time to do your homework. At Summit Home Improvements, your second storey extension (Perth) journey begins with a free design consultation, where a designer will meet you at your property to discuss your plans, budget and wish list! Upon completion, Summit Home Improvements will leave your new home clean, tidy and ready to occupy.

Once your upper storey extension is complete, you’ll feel like you’re living in a different home. Take your home to the next level – talk to the team at Summit Home Improvements today!

Your Easy, Step-By-Step Guide To Home Improvement

It’s the great Aussie dream: being settled in a home of your own in a neighbourhood you love. But sometimes, it’s hard to find the perfect home in a location you want to make a life in. That’s why thousands of Australian families are employing quality renovators to transform their home, without having to change their address.

The best news? Home renovation (Perth) is now easier than ever! Follow the ‘How-To’ guide below and reach your renovation dreams.

Step 1: Consider your current home. The key to a stress-free home renovation (Perth) is to start with a clear idea of where you’re heading. To do this, you’ll need to consider how everyday life in your home can be improved. For example, do you need to add extra rooms (bedrooms, study, games room?) to accommodate a growing family? Perhaps you’re considering changing the configuration of your home to give it a better ‘flow’. And what about your future lifestyle? You’re renovating your home to enable you to stay for many years to come, so think about how you will change in that time. The ideal renovation project will add value to your property, while making life at home easier for you and your family.

Step 2: Compile a ‘wish list’ for your home transformation. One of the most vital parts of your home improvement (Perth) journey is a concept design. One of the first major decisions for renovators is whether to extend up or out. If you add another level to your existing home, you’re adding more living space, storage, light and potential views without compromising on garden space. If you extend out, you have the option to maximize your block’s potential, improve the street-front appearance of your property and keep your existing roof. It can be worthwhile to involve everyone in the home in compiling the wish list to make sure you’ve covered every little thing to consider with your home renovation (Perth).

Step 3: Speak to a renovation specialist. To make sure you have everything covered, a design consultant from your chosen builder can meet with you in your home and discuss how it works, make some suggestions of some positive changes you can make, plus give you an idea of cost. A good understanding of your renovation plan right from the start will save you the risk of blowing your budget.

Step 4: Employ quality renovators who’ll take care of everything. By choosing an experienced builder for your home improvement (Perth), you’ll eliminate the risk of renovation headaches along the way. When you meet with a design consultant, be sure to check that they can offer a fixed price contract which includes them taking care of the design of your dream home, plus any council approvals needed.

Summit Home Improvements is your extension specialist, taking home renovations (Perth) to the next level.

Summit Home Improvements is a one-stop-shop for home renovations (Perth). Their dedicated team has been in business for over 30 years as a division of the Summit Group of Companies, one of Western Australia’s oldest and most respected builders.

Summit Home Improvements will look after the design, council approvals and deliver your dream home within a fixed price contract. You can relax, knowing everything is taken care of by quality renovators!

Ready to transform your home into a house that perfectly fits your lifestyle? Talk to Summit Home Improvements today on 08 6365 2901 (Perth Metro), or 08 9760 1940 (South West).

What Summit Homes Group being named as one of 2015’s Best Places to Work means for you..

Summit Homes Named as Best Place to Work
We (as part of the Summit Homes Group) are proud to announce that Summit Homes Group has taken national honours as one of 2015’s Best Places to Work!

Judged by the 2015 BRW Best Places to Work Study, the company is the only one with headquarters in WA and more than 100 employees, plus the only builder, to make the list.

The award has recognised Summit Homes Group for its excellence in leadership in employee programs, extensive training, open-door management, brand new facilities and a commitment to local charities.

As part of the study 97% of the Summit family told us independently that we are a great place to work.

Other Highlights from the study included:

• 98% of staff feeling proud to tell others that they work here;
• 97% of staff saying it is a friendly place to work;
• 96% of staff telling people they want to work here for a long time;
• 96% of staff saying they feel a sense of pride when they look at what the company accomplishes;
• 95% of staff agreeing Summit celebrates special events;
• 91% of staff feeling like they make a difference; and
• 89% of staff saying Summit has special and unique benefits.


This honour highlights that we have an incredibly dedicated team with a very strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

Their focus is on working together to consistently deliver great results for you.

This means that when you decide to partner with Summit Home Improvements, you can be assured you have a team extremely committed to helping you achieve your home improvement dream every step of the way.
To view the full list of Best Places to Work in Australia 2015 click here

Visibly transform your home in just one day from $159,000

BBSHI28868 Transform Your Home TIle_v3_LR

Imagine coming home to a stunning second storey extension installed while you were at work! With our innovative construction technology, it’s now possible. To find out more click here

Quinns Rock – New Transformation


Our latest happy client story is from Amanda and Cliff of Quinns Rock, who have had their tired 1970’s home transformed into a stunning modern residence.

This transformation is simply jaw-dropping, and it’s easy to see why – it’s almost unrecognisable from the original home!

Now with all the style, function and space this family could ever want – the family have the home of their dreams in a location they have always loved!

To see how we transformed this home, simply click here.

To find out how we can renovate or extend your home, please give us a ring on 6365 2901.

Visit us at the HIA Home Show 2015

Heading to the HIA Home Show? So are we!

Our expert team of designers will be on hand to answer your home extension and renovation questions.

So if your not sure where to start, what’s possible for your home or just looking for inspiration – we are happy to help.

Our stand is located on the left hand side (next to the information booth) as you walk through the entrance doors.

We look forward to seeing you there!

HIA Home Show Info

Friday 27th February – Monday 2nd March, 10am – 6pm.
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, 21 Mounts Bay Road.
All details can be found at the HIA Home Show Website

New Transformation

We love sharing our happy client stories with everyone, and this stunning Mount Hawthorn home that we have transformed is simply another one to add to our ever-growing list.

We transformed a charming two bedroom, two bathroom Californian Bungelow, into a head-turning four bedroom, three bathroom home.

Retaining the charm of this heritage home, the Summit Home Improvements team were able to add a stunning second storey retreat and alfresco entertaining area – all while in keeping with its original character.

To see this new case study, simply click here.

To find out how we can renovate or extend your home, please give us a ring on 6365 2901.