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Transforming your home for your family lifestyle: top tips for renovating


You’ve always loved your home. The location is perfect. But the kids are growing up so fast that you’ve been caught out with a home that no longer meets your needs.

Rather than uprooting and buying a new property (which can be disrupting and costly once you factor in stamp duty and moving costs), modernising your home to suit a young, active family can be a smart solution.

Here are the most popular family friendly renovations that will see your home grow with your family well into the future.

Extending kids bedrooms

Kids don’t need a great deal of space in their early years, but as they get bigger, so must their play space if you want to foster creativity, learning and imagination. Whether you need extra floor space for that Lego collection, to fit in a study desk for homework, or squeeze two offspring comfortably into one room, extending kids bedrooms will add valuable square meterage – and it can be more affordable than you think.

Adding bedrooms

This is simple maths – extra children, extra sleeping quarters. Adding bedrooms is one of the most popular home improvement requests. Usually, homebuyers start with a 3×1, which is great for the first one or two kids, but soon becomes insufficient as the clan expands. Adding bedrooms allows your kids to sleep in a space of their own, rather than share with squabbling siblings!

Additional bathroom

Looking to the future, your focus should be on ‘home harmony’. The more family members living together, the more age separation, the more personal space is needed. If you want everyone to live happily under the one roof, consider ways to make living easier for all. An additional bathroom with lots of storage is ideal as the children grow into teenagers (and suddenly get shy, spend 30 minutes showering and an hour doing makeup).

Create a mudroom
A ‘mudroom’ is a place where you can leave your bags, dirty sports uniforms, and bathers before entering the home so no dirt is dragged inside the home. If you have a very active family, this is a perfect home improvement idea.

Summit Home Improvements – first choice for renovating (Perth)

Whether extending kids’ bedrooms, adding bedrooms, adding bathrooms, or creating a mudroom, Summit Home Improvements offer a wide range of family friendly renovations.

They make renovating (Perth) easy by offering a “full service”. You won’t have to lift a finger, from concept, to council approvals, onsite project management and after-build service. Talk to their highly experienced team of award-winning designers about how Summit Home Improvements can make you love your home more.

Book an obligation free design consultation with a Summit Home Improvements designer today.

Matt and Kim announced as Summit Home Improvements Brand Ambassadors

Summit Home Improvements are excited to announce popular Perth TV personalities, Matt and Kim Di Costa will represent as official brand ambassadors.

General Manager Chris Johnston said “It’s great to be joining forces with Matt and Kim, as we share a passion for home renovation and commitment to being Built Around People.

“Having partnered with Matt & Kim to transform the lives of three very deserving Perth families on Channel 9’s Matt and Kim to the Rescue series – we feel they are a perfect fit, as together we have been able to create home transformations that exemplify design excellence and construction innovation on the show.”

“For nearly 40 years, we have been transforming homes throughout Perth and the South West region, creating ground floor, second storey and modular extensions for thousands of families throughout WA”.

“We are proud to have Matt and Kim as faces of the brand for the next chapter in our journey.” said Chris Johnston.

Matt and Kim announced as Brand Ambassadors

Matt and Kim announced as Brand Ambassadors

How long will it take to renovate my home?

One of the first questions when planning a renovation, other than ‘how much will it cost?’, is ‘how long will it take?’

After putting up with a house plan that’s no longer working, it’s understandable that most families are keen to get started on their new layout and lifestyle.

So how long will your home extensions take? The answer depends on how long you are engaged in the design phase as well as the type of renovation you are undertaking, which in turn affects whether structural changes and other major works are required.


At Summit Home Improvements, we offer a no-obligation on site discussion with one of our professional Design Consultants at no cost. We love the opportunity to come into your home and hear about the changes you are thinking of. In turn, we can let you know what’s possible and share some of our own design insights as well.

From here, we work with you to create a proposed floor plan of your home extensions, a computer-generated perspective plus a fixed price contract that outlines that high quality specifications that would form part of your renovation project.


The timeline for a new kitchen can vary depending on the scale of works. Often, kitchen improvements can involve knocking out sections of a wall, as an out-dated poky kitchen is transformed into an inviting open-plan cooking space with feature island bench. If such structural work is required, you will also need to factor the additional time for your kitchen improvements to be fully completed.


Gutting a bathroom completely can take time, especially if you are taking the added step of replacing old plumbing as well. This is often a good idea, as your plumbing may be 40+ years old and becoming prone to leaks. Gutting a bathroom is your key opportunity to refresh everything for peace of mind and longevity down the track.


While adding a second storey can sound like a huge task, at Summit Home Improvements we can add a second storey to your home in just one day! So you can leave your single storey home in the morning and come back in the evening to see a second storey has been added in the evening. From here, the connections and staircase are installed in only a few weeks!

To talk about your unique vision for your home, request your free no-obligation design consultation today!

Home renovation do’s and don’ts!

Renovating is one of the most exciting times for a family, as you are given the opportunity to shed what is no longer working and create brilliant new spaces.

While the quality of your renovation rests mainly with the home renovation company you choose to entrust, there are some key ‘do’s and don’ts’ that you can take on-board to help ensure a successful, seamless process.

Home extension do’s

1. DO keep a design inspiration file

Chances are, you’ll be dreaming about renovating for a while before you make the official decision to proceed. During this dreaming phase, start compiling snippets of inspiration that you come across. Perhaps it’s the colour of tiling in a hotel bathroom, or an open plan layout you saw online. Collecting these little things you love over time will give you a great vision board to work with when it comes time to start designing your unique spaces.

2. DO shop around

No two home renovation companies are the same. Given the amount of time, money and trust you will invest in your chosen team, thoroughly research them before you begin. Also speak to family and friends to seek out trusted referrals, who have gone through the process of renovating beforehand.

3. DO set a realistic budget

Sort your budget out upfront, so when it’s time to get the home extensions ball rolling, you are able to provide a clear figure to work with. By understanding what you can afford to do, you can create a design that fits not only you bank balance but your goals as well.

Home extension don’ts

1. DON’T let work begin without a clear design and contract upfront

Quality renovations (Perth) are those that follow detailed designs that are agreed upon upfront. Make sure that every detail is specified before work begins, so that you aren’t hit with hidden costs down the track or are forced to make decisions in the heat of the moment.

2. DON’T cut corners

Given the wear and tear the average family home has to endure, it’s important to consider the longevity of your home addition or extension. Making choices based on price may seem wise, but it’s important to consider its long-term effects before you start.

3. DON’T forget to speak to Summit Home Improvements

At Summit Home Improvements, we’re the team behind thousands of WA home extensions – and we’d love to look after yours as well! If you would like to create the home of your dreams book a no-obligation free design consultation by calling us at Summit Home Improvements today.

The Magic of Modular

In case you missed the news, we made TV history this week with Channel 9’s Matt & Kim to the Rescue.

We’ve been inundated with questions on just how we did it, so we thought we’d share here.

The home we built for the Flavelle family on the TV show was done using modular construction and gave them a massive 80m2 of extra living space in a matter of hours.
The same type of construction can be done on pretty much any home in WA and you can choose if you want it added as a ground floor extension (as we did for the Flavelle family) or as a second storey to your existing home.

Modular construction is a proven building technique that has been used on the East Coast for many years and here in WA it’s used on most of our commercial buildings. Think major shopping centres around Perth for example. It’s an exciting time to be able to bring this building method to transform residential homes in WA too and here at Summit Homes Group we are proud to be leading the charge.

So, just what is modular construction and how does the magic happen? Let us show you exactly by taking a behind-the-scenes tour in our onsite facility at Myaree, because that’s where the magic starts.

1. The steel that is used to build modular homes starts as one long and large flat sheet. The sheet is 178mm wide and is supplied as a massive coil weighing just over 1 tonne and measuring 1km in length. That’s the equivalent of five lengths of Domain Stadium! It is delivered on the back of a truck from Bluescope, fork-lifted off and stored securely in our onsite facility at Myaree. At any one time we can have up to 4 tonne (or 4km) of coiled steel in stock.


2. Once the client’s design is signed off, it is independently engineered and detailed drawings are produced showing how each individual steel component is to be made.


3. The engineered drawings are transferred digitally into a machine that takes the steel coils and turns the flat sheets into a reinforced, fully engineered C shape which form the walls of the home. At this time, the machine also punches holes into each piece so that the plumbing and electrical cabling as well as the screws that will hold the frame together are in place. It takes less than 10 seconds to produce a length of 5m and all finished pieces are numbered and stored together on racks.


4. Assemblers start putting the pre-cut steel together. It is first assembled flat, with each wall frame sitting on top of each other. To build a granny flat, this process takes approximately two hours and a new home is about double that.


5. A carpenter then erects the wall frames onto an engineered structural steel floor frame so the home becomes 3D. This process takes about a day.


6. Over the next 2-3 days, the wall frames are clad in Masterwall, rendered and the roof is applied. Once finished, the home weighs about 8 tonnes. Masterwall is an insulating wall cladding system that has proven thermal properties when compared to double brick.


7. Clients who are building a granny flat or a home extension will have all of the internal finishes like tiling and plastering completed at this time to minimise the disruption to the family. Clients looking to build a brand new two storey home will have the internal finishes applied at the building site at the same time as when the lower floor is being finished (to maximize efficiency of the trade teams who are located on site).

8. The home is lifted onto the back of a truck with hydraulic jacks. Larger modular sections can essentially be split in two and driven on two trucks. The modular section is then driven to the client’s block in line with traffic management plans which have already been approved by Main Roads.


9. On arrival, it is craned into place, taking anywhere from 4-6 hours. Carpenters and riggers secure the floors and make the upper floor watertight over the next 4 hours.

img_6467 img_6683 img_6898

10. Any remaining internal works are completed on site using existing trades (that are working on the lower floor) to maximise efficiency and ensure consistency of finish.
The whole process sees the new home built in a controlled environment in just one month, installed on site in a matter of hours and finished within a matter of days.


If you want to transform you home using modular construction,  call us on 6365 2901.
If you would like to discuss installing a granny flat on your property using this construction technique visit or call 6365 2921.

How we made TV history with Matt & Kim to the Rescue

In just four short days we made history.

Not just history for one deserving family but TV history with the biggest home renovation ever seen on Australian television.

It was all thanks to Summit Home Improvements’ parent company Summit Homes Group. Their ongoing work with Matt & Kim to the Rescue made history for the deserving Flavelle family.

Their home went from this…


To this…


mk-hamilton-hill-10mk-hamilton-hill-25 mk-hamilton-hill-28 mk-hamilton-hill-31 mk-hamilton-hill-32


And it was all made possible thanks to our pioneering advancements in modular construction, a whole heap of hands and a lot of heart! Using fully engineered Australian steel built in Summit’s onsite facility in Myaree, we were able to build an extra 80m2 of space for the Flavelle family in just matter of days and install it on their home in just a matter of hours.

The home was built to the highest standards in a controlled environment and then driven to the Flavelle family home on the back of a truck.

And that’s when the magic really happened.

Take a look…

The magic didn’t stop there though. Other improvements we gave this deserving family included:

  • Opening up their entire home so that the kitchen, living and dining areas became one huge social and welcoming space, made even better with the extensive use of glass which lets natural light flood the home;
  • Adding a huge activity zone for Hugo and Angus and totally revamping both bedrooms for maximum comfort;
  • Integrating the indoors with the outdoors for seamless year-round living;
  • Making the home wheelchair friendly with more space, wider passages, remote controlled doors and installing the necessary disabled items in the new family bathroom;
  • Two new bathrooms – a massive ensuite for Peter and Simone and a forward-thinking disabled bathroom (including the “disco shower” as described by Simone) for Hugo and Angus;
  • Creating a dedicated guest wing as a haven for when carers stay at their home;
  • Converting the entrance into a gallery to display Pete’s striking artwork and sculptures as well as building a dedicated studio for Peter to keep creating (see more at;
  • New elevation and carport at the front of the home to improve street appeal; and
  • Total overhaul of the gardens with landscaping including a pool and cabana and chill out zones.

As our Building Manager Jeff Edgar said: “It was an incredibly busy four days but at Summit we’re Built Around People so giving back to the community is something we love to do.”
But the final words end with Simone Flavelle on behalf of her stunned family: “OH. MY. GAWWWWD!”

To learn more about modular construction and how you can have a new home built just like the Flavelle’s, contact us today.

Home renovation that can add value!

Focusing your energy and expense on certain areas of the home can make a difference when you go to sell the home later on. Here, we tell you the most popular home renovations for adding value.


Generally speaking, kitchen and bathrooms experience the most wear and tear within a home. A bright and modern kitchen and bathroom are attractive items that may eventually prove to be a tipping point as to whether or not an offer is made when you come to sell your home. With this in mind, it pays to go for quality fixtures and appliances, and be sure to keep with the overall ‘theme’ of your home – a heritage bathroom may stand out for the wrong reasons in a home that is otherwise renovated in a modern style.

If you have the opportunity to add a bathroom, this can also add significant value. You can check with local real estate agents or property websites online to see the comparative homes in your area before renovating, to give you an idea on how much value they can add to your property’s price.


From a master bedroom extension to adding on a spare bedroom, the bedrooms should also be a strong focus when renovating. Expanding a master suite so that it goes from poky and small to broad and opulent could be a very smart move, especially if your expansion can include sneaking in an ensuite as well. As with all additions, you want the bedrooms to flow naturally, rather than feeling like they have been ‘stuck on’ to the home.

When adding rooms, think of how the room could also work as a study or play area, giving potential future buyers flexibility as to what they do with the additional areas.


Boosting the value of your home could also mean updating the front façade as well. Often the use of dark bricks common to 1980s and 1990s homes, can really date the exterior, and highlight its age. You may want to consider rendering the bricks, to give it an instant uplift.  If you are remodelling internally, you may also want to consider repositioning the front door, which could dramatically change the home’s elevation.


No matter where in your home you are looking to add value, it can ultimately come down to the quality of your renovation – the quality of the materials, the quality of the workmanship and the quality of the design itself.

At Summit Home Improvements, we have proudly completed more than 3000 renovations. While no two are alike, what unites them is the quality that defines our projects from all others.

To discuss how your home extensions could add significant value to your property, contact our dedicated team at Summit Home Improvements today for your no-obligation consultation.

Tune in this Sunday night for Matt and Kim to the Rescue!


Have you heard the good news?  We’re back for the third time transforming lives with Channel 9’s Matt & Kim to the Rescue. Be sure to tune in this Sunday, October 2 from 7pm, to see the exciting reveal.

At Summit we’re Built Around People so helping the community is something we value.  It’s also one of the reasons why we were named as back-to-back winners as one of the Best Places to Work.

This time we are back transforming the lives of the Flavelle family.

Read more about this inspiring transformation and be sure to tune in this Sunday October 2 from 7pm on Channel 9 to see the full reveal come to life. Bring your tissues though as this one is set to be the most emotional reveal yet!

If you can’t wait till Sunday, check out this exclusive sneak peek!


Add a second storey in just one day!


With the cost of stamp duty making it very expensive to buy a new home, many WA families are understandably choosing an exciting alternative – adding a second storey!

Imagine the space and serenity a storey extension could bring to your home. Now imagine that your second storey could be achieved in just one day!

General Manager of Summit Home Improvements, Mr Johnston, talks about the team’s amazing second storey extension capabilities.

Mr Johnston – how is Summit Home Improvements able to add a second storey in just one day?

“We appreciate that families need their home renovations to take place as quickly as possible, for many reasons. It’s why we’ve poured immense effort and innovation into our second storey construction process to speed up the process.”

“Because we complete so many double storey extensions, we’ve come to notice trends in what our families are looking for in a second level. This has enabled us to carefully craft seven unique second storey designs, which we custom make in our purpose-built, all weather facility. When work is ready to commence, the chosen layout is simply craned into position above the existing home. This craning process takes just one day, so you literally come home from work to find a second storey added to your home!”

What construction materials are utilised during this process?

“Each of our second storey extensions is built to last, comprising strong engineered steel and Masterwall, which has superior thermal properties when compared with double brick.”

What happens once the second storey is placed in position?

“Once the second storey is in place, it’s time to get to work internally installing the staircase and connecting the services. This can take a matter of weeks. Whilst we will always move as swiftly as possible, we will never take shortcuts, so this process does take longer than the initial placement.”

What if a homeowner wants to custom design their double storey extension?

“Of course! Each design will need to be customised to the design of the original home and the needs of the family. Our experienced Design Consultants can work with you to create your ideal second storey extension.”

Is it possible to view a Summit Home Improvements second storey extension?

“Absolutely – we have a second storey display inside our showroom at 83 McCoy Street, Myaree. It’s a great way for potential customers to get a feel for the quality of the extension.”

Have second storey extension ideas? Speak to Summit Home Improvements about your future home renovations and extensions (Perth)!

Ready to elevate your lifestyle? Select from our seven second-storey extension plans, or speak to us about customising a second storey extension design to your exact requirements.
To arrange your no obligation design consultation, give our team at Summit Home Improvements a call today!

The nine things every renovator needs to know

It’s often said, “preparation is the key to success”. This is particularly true for renovating, when multiple elements must come together to create something incredible.

With this in mind, here are the 9 things that every renovator needs to know or consider:

1. Can you really do it yourself?

Downtime is precious for most of us, especially when family and work consume much of our week. Deciding to sacrifice spare time towards a renovation is a big call. Dedicate too much time, and you might become overwhelmed and burnt out. Dedicate too little time, and your renovation becomes a frustrating, drawn out process. Given the time, energy, knowledge and skill level required to complete a major renovation, it’s worthwhile looking into outsourcing at least the larger tasks of the project, as well as administration components such as council approvals.

2. Ask for referrals

Perhaps a neighbour added a second storey, or your friend underwent a home extension. Ask them about their experience, who they trusted and why.

3. Arrange your budget and finance

Before renovating, set a clear budget for your renovation. If you approach a renovation company before having a clear idea of what you can borrow or spend, your design may not be financially achievable. Should you require finance for your home extensions, look for a home renovation company that offers finance in-house.

5. Do your research

A fancy logo and a ute full of tools can make any builder seem legitimate, yet if they aren’t qualified to do the work, your home renovation could be at risk. Always check qualifications and insurances before engaging with a builder.

6. Analyse the bottom line

A cheap quote may leave out essential items that become costly surprises down the track. Ask for a breakdown of any quotes to ascertain what you are really getting for your money. Once you accept a quote, make sure you receive a full fixed price contract.

7. Communicate!

Renovating means inviting people into your home, perhaps for an extended period of time. You will want to be able to work closely with these people, so find a builder who is easy to talk to and responsive to your needs.

8. Get professional house improvements with Summit Home Improvements

There’s a lot less to know and worry about when you engage our experienced team at Summit Home Improvements. From second story plans to bathroom renovations, we are renovating right now for multiple WA families just like yours.

We are fully qualified and keep you well informed with detailed pricing and clear timelines. We can take care of all approvals, and also offer competitive finance under the one roof!

For your no obligation free design consultation, call us today!

We’re back again transforming lives with Matt & Kim to the Rescue!


Have you heard the good news?  We’re back!

Back for the third time, transforming lives with Channel 9’s Matt & Kim to the Rescue.

At Summit Home Improvements, as part of Summit Homes Group, we are Built Around People so helping the community is something we value. This time we are transforming the lives of the Flavelle family.

Their story is one of incredible coincidence and resilience. Pete and Simone are a creative couple. Pete is an artist, who’s skills extend from oil on canvas to sculpting, and Simone is an ex WAPPA student and actress. This dynamic couple are also the parents of Angus and Hugo. Angus was born with high spectrum autism and is in constant need of care. Hugo was born with Cerebral Palsy and is wheelchair bound.

The challenging nature of bringing up not one, but two kids with serious, ongoing medical conditions saw many things give way in the Flavelle house. Pete’s art career came to a standstill and the house began to dilapidate as rising hospital bills took precedence. But the Flavelle’s never complained. They never faltered. Instead, they embraced their children’s situations with pride by creatively representing them in many projects run through DAADA, a foundation established by Simone. DAADA is a foundation that provides art therapy for disabled and disadvantaged children. In a strange twist of fate you may find it interesting to learn that Simone set this foundation up before she had kids. And that says it all about the Flavelles.

Once again, hundreds of the Summit Homes Group team volunteered their time, energy and skills to this deserving family turning their home into a modern and accessible refuge.

Again it was led by our Building Manager Jeff Edgar who, drawing on his 30+ years’ experience in transforming homes with Summit, has proved that great things happen when good people come together.

Work was carried out in trademark Summit speed over an incredibly busy four days which, as you will soon see, will again have you reaching for the tissues.

Follow our Facebook page for all the behind-the-scenes action and stay tuned for the full reveal.

Read about our first and second transformation with Matt & Kim too!

Adding space and clever storage ideas!

Running out of space in the family home is a common frustration, and one that often leads to thoughts of moving or renovating.

Given the high costs and logistics of moving house, it’s worthwhile considering making the most of what you already have through home extensions and clever storage solutions.


Renovating the family home is an exciting time, as you start to imagine idyllic living spaces such as a ‘children’s wing’ and ‘oversized kitchen’. Extending outwards is one option, whether that entails pushing out some walls or building on extra rooms.

The other home extensions alternative is to add a second storey. Adding a second storey is not as difficult as it sounds and doesn’t involve sacrificing space in your outdoor areas, which is certainly appealing!

From kitchen improvements to a master bedroom extension, Summit Home Improvements offer a sensational selection of second storey extension plans to add that extra living space you’ve been searching for. What’s more, your second storey could be added in just one day!


If you have second storey extension plans, get savvy with the space created underneath the staircase. There are various configurations for under-stair storage, from multiple drawers to a large open cupboard, ideal for storing the vacuum, brooms and the ironing board.

To maximise your sense of space, it makes sense to also explore smart storage solutions. If you are considering built-in storage, consider extending it right up to the height of the ceiling.

When undertaking kitchen improvements, adding an island bench isn’t just about being ‘on trend’. As well as adding more vital bench space, the area underneath an island bench can be creatively loaded with cupboards and drawers, or even a space for the bin.

‘Double duty furniture’ should also be considered if refurnishing. For example, look for couches that fold out to a double bed, or ottomans that are hollow inside in which to stash away DVD’s, magazines or kid’s toys.

Trust your home extensions to Summit Home Improvements

Tired of settling for no space? Talk renovating with us! At Summit Home Improvements, we understand the need to carry out home extensions as cost effectively, quickly and stylishly as possible. From master bedroom extensions to kitchen improvements and second storey extension plans, we love surprising WA families with stunning transformations that add value and enhance lifestyles.

For your obligation free design consultation, please give us a call today!

House improvements feature: Remodelling 1980’s homes

While big hair and double denim were fashion icons of the 80’s, it was big layouts and double brick that were defining homes of the same decade.

Even though the 1980’s may not feel that far gone, in reality these homes are approximately 25-35 years old, making them prime targets for the house improvement market.

The positives of renovating a 1980’s home can include good foundations, big layouts and solid double brick walls. On the downside, you might have to contend with weak natural lighting, poor ventilation, low ceilings and minimal environmental efficiency. Yet despite some negatives, 1980’s homes can be optimum candidates for house improvement renovations.

Dark, poky living spaces don’t need to stick around. If you’re faced with black slate tiling and narrow passageways between rooms, think about how your house improvements can create light-filled, open living spaces. You may want to consider in your design to knock out the walls separating the dining, kitchen and living areas. Or if the walls can’t be removed completely for structural reasons, look into simply widening the openings between each space so that you can move more freely throughout the greater area.

A 1980’s kitchen seems to symbolise the style of the decade – lots of visual clashes! If you are planning to renovate the kitchen as well, opt for a simpler colour palette and stainless steel appliances as part of your kitchen improvements. Kitchen storage has also become smarter too – while basic cupboards and drawers might have satisfied the 80’s chef, today’s gourmet kitchens feature smarter storage solutions to accommodate specific appliances and gadgets – it’s best to as your Design Consultant how you can achieve this in your renovation.

Got second storey extension plans? If you’re adding a second bathroom with the second level, it pays to update the ground floor bathroom too. Often, you might be able to keep one style feature, such as funky mosaic tiling, by turning everything else clean and white. When renovating the bathroom, consider replacing the plumbing work as well – it will be quite old, and there’s nothing worse than having to rip out a new bath because the old plumbing underneath has sprung a leak!

Plus remember, your home extension may not need to get rid of everything! Some of the 1980’s trends are coming back, such as exposed timber beams, inside brickwork and timber-lined walls, so consider keeping or adding these features when renovating as a nod to the heritage of your home.

Speak to the home improvement specialists, Summit Home Improvements

At Summit Home Improvements, we’ve helped numerous WA families transform 1980’s homes, from double storey extensions to kitchen improvements and master bedroom extensions.

Get your home improvement renovation started – contact Summit Home Improvements today to request your on-obligation free design consultation!

We did it again! Back-to-back best workplace!

Summit Homes Group Myaree team sm
Celebrations at our Myaree headquarters today!

Summit Homes Group’s commitment to being “Built Around People” has today been recognised with the news that we have once again been named as one of the Best Places to Work in Australia 2016.

This is the second year in a row that Summit has been named as one of Australia’s best workplaces as well as one of Asia’s best workplaces earlier this year.

Summit Home Improvements, as part of Summit Homes Group, is proud to share in this award that celebrates the Group’s achievements as well as the many benefits this news brings for our clients.

Summit ranked 9th in the category of more than 100 employees and is the only WA headquartered company and only builder to make the national list.

Managing Director David Simpson said the independent study highlighted the strength of the positive attitude that had defined Summit for close to 40 years.

“This news is obviously very welcome and the result would not have been possible without the camaraderie, motivation and passion that our employees share at work every day,” Mr Simpson said.

“And while our team obviously work hard and enjoy the work they do, it is our clients who also reap the rewards.

“After all, when our team is happy and supported they do their best work, which in turn means homebuyers benefit. It’s an exciting time for a number of reasons in this competitive market,” he said.

Of its 371 employees surveyed earlier this year, a massive 97% said they felt the company was a great place to work. Some of the other results that helped Summit make the prestigious list include:

• 93% of employees saying they feel a sense of pride when they look at what they accomplish;
• 96% of employees telling others they feel proud to work at Summit;
• 95% of employees feeling good about the ways that Summit contributes to the community;
• 95% of employees saying it is a friendly place to work; and
• 93% of employees saying there is a “family” or “team” feeling at Summit.

The news is another jewel in the crown for the builder who is having a buoyant 2016 with the redevelopment of its Myaree headquarters progressing on schedule, just completing another successful renovation with Channel 9’s Matt & Kim to the Rescue and its South West team being named as dual winners in the industry’s most coveted customer service awards in the State.

See the full list of winners here.


FullSizeRender ed  BPTW_Over100
Managing Director David Simpson at the presentation ceremony in Sydney overnight

What you must consider when restoring a character home.

There’s a lot to love about old homes – the history, the heart and the stories held by the long-standing walls. So it’s no wonder that those who own a character home are keen to retain its unique style and atmosphere when undergoing home extensions.

Before you commence renovating your character home, here are the key elements to consider:

Do your checks

Owning a character home can also mean you’ve taken on-board heritage restrictions. Do your checks as to what you can and can’t change before pushing the button to proceed.

Renovate with experience

Look for a home improvements company that is experienced in the area, meaning they can offer first-hand insight into what should be the most prevalent character features of the home and its specific era.

Judge what’s worth saving

Given most families renovate with a limited budget in mind, it can be worthwhile determining what features are worth saving if a home is quite weathered and run down. The first place many people look is the old lean to at the back of the property, and while it may be original, if it doesn’t add to the functionality of the home (and has no heritage restrictions), its best to let these relics go.

Replicate where you can!

It’s not uncommon to find that a material which is deemed beyond repair, such as floorboards that are far too expensive to restore. Why not consider finding replica or similar, modern products? For example, there are still master craftsman who can re-create stain glass windows that match seamlessly with the original windows.

Will the new damage the old?

Modern inventions such as ducted air-conditioning and ensuites can be essential additions when renovating a character home, however their integration can require careful consideration. Ducting and plumbing work, primarily on a new upper level, can affect the aesthetics of downstairs, so speak to your Design Consultant about how to achieve the best of both worlds.

Fixtures and fittings

When renovating a character home, you might have to choose whether the new fixtures and fittings take on the style of the existing heritage elements, or whether they take on a modern look. While some may argue that new fixtures should adopt the style of now, not yesterday, there are many new ‘heritage style’ fixtures and fittings that let you maintain the one style throughout your home if this is your preference.

Character and class: the best home renovations (Perth) belong to Summit Home Improvements

If you’re planning on renovating your character home, we invite you to speak to our dedicated design team at Summit Home Improvements.

We can help you determine what’s feasible and draw up tailored plans that pinpoint your distinctive vision. To discuss your house improvements, call us today  to book your no-obligation, free design consultation!

What’s hot and what’s not in renovation design for 2016

Brainstorming house improvement ideas? Wondering what’s hot and what’s not in home renovations?

While your own personal style and preference should always play a leading role when renovating, it’s also worthwhile being aware of trends that are both in and out of favour, given that you will likely also want to optimise the potential resale value of your transformed home.

With that in mind, here’s what’s making ripples in the home renovation market for all the right reasons:

What’s hot?

The kitchen and bathrooms are often where a lot of renovating money is spent. Planning kitchen improvements? Two-tone cabinetry is ultra stylish right now, with the trend moving towards ‘safer’ colours on the upper cupboards and ‘crazier’ colouring/materials down below. Other hot features include deep drawers, a minimalistic layout, metallic texturing and ‘workhouse’ island benches which are essentially an over-sized island bench with incredible storage and bench space.

Seeking bathroom trends (2016, Australia)? Big feature mirrors are super stylish, giving the space instant character and light. Timber in the bathroom is also becoming more popular, as people drift from mainstream bathroom materials to warmer, more textured options.

When it comes to the interior design throughout your home, consider the lighting. Gone are the big chandeliers, with statement pendants taking their place. Hardwearing materials are also ‘in’, meaning you can create lush-looking lounge rooms that can handle the inevitable banana and avocado smears.

Mixing materials is very on-trend, particularly mixing old and new textures, with modern stainless steel contrasting with timber.

What’s not-so-hot in house improvements?

Removing a room continues to be out of favour – while it may work for you right now, it will most likely hurt your resale value.

In the bathroom, the humble bath is said to be losing popularity due to its lack of use. However, this point can be non-negotiable, especially for young families.

From an interior design perspective, we are seeing less colour feature walls and chevron patterning which have been popular interior statements in the past few years.

Quality, style and service are always in-season at Summit Home Improvements

From master bedroom extensions to second storey extension plans, at Summit Home Improvements we can help you create functional living spaces that optimise your block and lifestyle.

See why we’re the home improvement builders that deliver the best home renovations (Perth) – book your obligation-free design consultation today!

Inspiring Home Renovations

Who doesn’t love a good success story? When selecting between home improvement companies, it is their case studies and testimonials that can give you the strongest indication of the quality and style they deliver when renovating.

Past projects can also provide you with immense inspiration, as you will likely see unique ideas that may well integrate nicely into your own home.

At Summit Home Improvements, we love helping to write the exciting new chapter in the lives of the many families who entrust their home extensions to us.

From character homes to modern retreats, we hope you feel inspired by this small selection of our many happy client stories.

Heritage Home

Mount Hawthorn is an inner city suburb that conveys a trademark character through many of its homes. For this specific project, we were tasked with doubling the liveable space of a local two bedroom, two bathroom Californian Bungalow, creating a layout that complemented the heritage of the home.

In turning this quaint cottage into a striking family home, we rolled out our second storey extension plans, creating a luxurious retreat upstairs. On the second level resided a large lounge room with reproduction stained glass windows, a lavish master suite and an additional bedroom.

On the ground level, effortless indoor/outdoor entertaining was achieved via a new alfresco featuring floor-to-ceiling bi-fold doors that bathed both inside and out with natural light. Completing the exterior is a carport incorporating the home’s characterful design elements.

Modern Home

This modern project in Joondanna saw us roll out second storey extension plans that created a sumptuous and secluded master retreat on the upper level, along with a handy study and inviting balcony.

While incorporating a staircase may sound complicated, our designers carefully selected an un-used portion of the dining room so that the staircase integrated seamlessly with minimal modifications. The exterior of the addition was rendered so that the second storey extension to create a seamless finish.

Rural Hills Home

The Perth Hills are home to many unique designs, and this 1980’s home was no exception. Whilst maintaining the country character of the home, our specialist design team at Summit Home Improvements were required to carefully consider the non-standard nature of the home. Our brief included utilising unused space above the garage and adding a studio retreat and study to the main home. A staircase was crafted to suit the multiple levels of the home, adding to its overall functionality.

Other striking features include a picturesque ensuite that captures the earthy elements of the region and an amazing kitchen that soaks in soaring views of the hills.

Write your success story with Summit Home Improvements

From home improvements and kitchen renovations to master bedroom extensions, at Summit Home Improvements we have successfully transformed virtually every style of home in our vast history spanning more than 3000 renovations.

Whilst our experience is your assurance, we understand there’s no home like yours – which is why we offer a no-obligation, free design consultation where we discuss the potential and possibilities that your block and home holds. To arrange your consultation, we invite you to contact us with your plans today!

Behind the Scenes with Matt and Kim

Summit Homes Group has once again joined forces with Matt and Kim to the Rescue to help transform the lives of a deserving WA family.

This is the second time that we have become involved with Matt and Kim to the Rescue and it was definitely the most dramatic! A huge amount of planning and passion went into transforming the home of the HoyPoy family and we really think that is reflected in their finished home.

Because Summit Homes Group are built around people, we love being able to take part in projects like this and working with Matt and Kim on this project has been a great experience for everyone involved.

We have been overwhelmed by the support and generosity that our team and the people of WA have shown and we are so proud of the finished result.

Join us as we once again transform lives with Matt & Kim to the Rescue!

As part of our commitment to being Built Around People, Summit Homes Group has once again transformed the lives of a deserving WA couple with Matt & Kim to the Rescue.

It is the second time we have joined the Channel 9 team on such a worthwhile cause and we are so excited to share this story with you. Again, hundreds of the Summit team – including trades and suppliers – swapped their suits for shovels and donated their time to deliver this groundbreaking renovation in just a matter of days.

Once again, our Building Manager Jeff Edgar (who has already managed thousands of home improvement projects during this 30+ years with Summit) took charge.

This time we transformed the home of the HoyPoy family, turning a tired 1970s bungalow into a modern, open plan family home that this deserving family can love for years to come.

On arrival, an immediate sense of space and light is experienced with a large indoor atrium featuring tropical plants and feature skylights. Inside, the kitchen is the heart of the home with its galley style island bench overlooking the living and dining zones and offering direct outdoor access via stacking doors.

The indulgence continues here with an old pitched patio replaced with a massive alfresco/outdoor lounge room plus pergola complete with floating BBQ, herb garden and extra seating.  Many of the established plants that were removed from the street front found a new home here as part of our recycling and reuse commitment. The rear garden now also boasts a below-ground pool complete with cabana and mounted projector that sets the tone for year-round family fun.

You just need to see the difference on the elevation to get a taste of what was achieved and how this home has had a huge facelift.
Cedar lined cladding and three skillion roofs dominate the entry, completely transforming it to arguably the best home on the street and adding immeasurable value.

See the stunning before and afters here:

IMG_3669 edited  IMG_3686 edited

087 sm

049 edited 019 edited

MK5 Sneak Peak 12 sm MK5 Sneak Peak 7 sm MK5 Sneak Peak 8 sm MK5 Sneak Peak 1 sm

And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to learn more and see some exclusive behind-the-scenes activity!

Sanity Saving Renovation Ideas

No matter which home renovation show you love the most, there’s one element that unites them all – tear spilling, finger pointing drama.

Watching each daily dilemma turn into momentous meltdowns is one of the reasons so many people tune in each week. Yet when it comes to your own home improvement project, chances are you’d prefer to keep things a little less volatile.

With that in mind, here are the top tips to keep you cooler than an Essastone benchtop during your upcoming home renovation.

Partner up for successful home improvements
One of the very first things you should be doing is start researching renovation companies, it’s important to find one whom you feel you can partner with throughout your renovation.

Look out for things like;

  • Do they offer an upfront fixed-price contract?
  • Do they employ specialised renovation design consultants?
  • Do they help you with council approvals?
  • Do they have finance options, should you need it?
  • Do they have all of the necessary insurance and do they offer a warranty to back up their work?

A good home renovation company should be able to give you all of these things and answer any questions or concerns you have before you start. Once you are happy and have chosen your builder, then it’s time to start planning your dream home.

Dream theme
What is the overriding theme of your house improvement? Classic country? Modern industrial?

By identifying the interior design theme you want to achieve, this can then streamline the majority of your decision making, such as choice of tap ware, lighting and flooring.

Take a look at the kind of themes you think would suit the current look and feel of your home, or if you’re looking to change styles or modernise – what would suit both your existing home and new addition.

Be Prepared
When you have found the perfect home renovation company, designed your ideal renovation and picked your fixtures and fittings– it’s all about staying sane during the construction phase of your home renovation.

It’s unavoidable that your home might feel like a construction site while works are taking place. Therefore, it’s important to get organised prior to when the renovation begins. You will want to take some steps to make the process of renovating as easy as possible. Look at the areas you are going to have updated or changed, and make a back-up plan if they are going to be out of use – for example making temporary kitchen or using your BBQ during a kitchen renovation or utilising the family bathroom if your ensuite is getting updated.

Avoid the renovation stress with Summit Home Improvements

Of course, perhaps the ultimate ‘sanity saving’ advice is to engage a team of professional home improvement builders, such as Summit Home Improvements.

Summit Home Improvements will manage your renovation from start to finish, including concept designs, council approvals to project management, as well as a dedicated after-care service.

Their 3D computer perspectives give you confidence in the finished product, while their HIA fixed price contract means no surprises once the project is complete!

For more information about Summit Home Improvements, including Summit Home Improvements reviews, contact us today!



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