7 ways to future-proof your home renovation

7 ways to future-proof your home renovation

Home renovations enable you to embrace modern home styles and trends without moving house.

To make sure your exciting home improvements stand the test of time, here are six simple ways to future proof your house renovations:

1. Floorplan flexibility

Talk to your renovation builder about perfecting a home layout that will evolve with your family. Look for ways to achieve floorplan flexibility, such as a nursery near the master retreat that can evolve into a study, or a kid’s activity room that can become a home theatre. Adding a second storey can add future entertaining options for when your children get older and need their own space. A flexible floorplan could also ensure your home appeals to more buyers if/when the time comes to sell.

2.Timeless style over quirky trends

When it comes to those big functional features in your home renovation, opt for timeless style over quirky trends that can date very quickly. The best way to incorporate fast moving trends is via easily replaceable items such as wallpaper and light fixtures.

3.Build a more affordable future

Safeguard against rising utility prices by incorporating energy efficiency into your house improvements, such as energy efficient appliances in your kitchen renovation and water saving fixtures in your bathroom renovations.

4. Future needs

A future-proofed home renovation (Perth) must take your future needs into account, especially if you planning to live in your home for a long time! This entails your house improvements accommodating a future where you may need to use a wheelchair or simply have less mobility than you used to. For example, your bathroom renovation should feature a hobless shower, while wider doorways could be considered throughout your home improvements.

5. Smart technologies

Our renovation builders (Perth) can integrate smart technologies into your home renovations, such as clever climate control, lighting, lock-ware, home surveillance and kitchen appliances, all of which can be remotely controlled.

6.Upgrade pipework

When undertaking house extensions, including a kitchen renovation or a bathroom renovation, consider upgrading the plumbing that services these areas. For example, rather than placing a new bath on top of 40-year-old pipes, upgrade the pipework as well to protect against future leakage.

7.Safeguard your future with Summit Home Improvements

Past experience can be a strong guarantee of future success. At Summit Home Improvements, we’ve proudly demonstrated our award-winning home renovation experience across more than 3000 renovations; renovations we standby with a 6-month maintenance back-up service and a lifetime structural guarantee*.

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