8 simple ways to get ready for your renovation

8 simple ways to get ready for your renovation

One of the most enjoyable elements of a home renovation is the dreaming and planning beforehand. And the more prepared you are, the more creative and cohesive the finished product will be.

To help with your planning process, here are 8 tasks to complete before your house improvements begin:

 1. Ask yourself: “Why do I want to renovate?”

The finest house extensions are those that organically form around your modern lifestyle. Whether your home’s layout is out-dated or your family has expanded, the motivations behind your house improvements can help determine your home renovation wish list and order of priority.

2. Gather inspiration

Unlike moving to a different house, renovating your existing home gives you the rare chance to reimagine entire living areas to your exact specifications. Immerse yourself in home renovation ideas, from magazines and Pinterest, to renovation TV shows. You can also peek inside other Perth house improvements via the case studies on our website.

Collate your favourite pieces onto a mood board to give your renovation builder an idea of where your tastes lie.

3. Define your budget

Budget will inevitably determine the scope of your home renovations (Perth), so it’s worthwhile having a strong idea of exactly how much you plan to spend.

4. Scope it out

With a rough budget set in place, you can start to outline the overall scope of your home extensions, such as a kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation and/or adding a second storey.

5. Research renovation builders (Perth)

Perhaps one of the most important steps is choosing your renovation builder. Ask for detailed quotes, and make sure you’re comparing ‘like with like’ in order to determine value for money, not just the cheapest price. Testimonials, references and awards are also good indications and can often be found on renovation builder’s websites and social media.

6. Research rules and regulations

There are certain codes and regulations relating to home renovations (Perth) that must be accommodated into any home improvement planning. Rest assured, our renovation builders take care of absolutely everything including all council approvals and inspections.

7. Accommodation

Should you be undertaking extensive home renovations, such as a significant house extension, you may need to arrange temporary accommodation.

However with our innovative construction technology we can install a second storey house extension in just one day which means minimal disruption to you and your family, with no need to move out!

8. Trust your home renovation to us, the house renovation experts.

Successfully completing more than 3000 renovations over the last close to 40 years, has given us market-leading expertise in making sure your home renovation is stylish, efficient and fantastic value for money.

Call us today on 6365 2901 to organise your no-obligation, free design consultation.