Achieving idyllic open plan living

Achieving idyllic open plan living

One of the greatest home design traits to change over the years has been the transition from segregated rooms to open plan living.

As experienced renovation builders (Perth), transforming poky rooms into sun-bathed open plan living has become a common thread through many of our home improvement projects. After all, open plan living gives your home a greater sense of space, while allowing family members to do different things while being together in the one area.

With that in mind, here are the three important home renovation elements to consider when achieving open plan opulence:

1. The purpose behind your open plan living

What’s your main motivation for adopting open plan living? Is it purely about large-scale entertaining, or is it more about keeping younger kids entertained in the one area so they stay within view? These questions can help determine those big factors such as how much area you want opened up and what the function of each space within will be.


2. Factors and consequences

Once you’ve figured out what walls are likely coming down as part of your home renovation, it’s time to hit your renovation builder with the resulting cascade of questions. Which walls can be safely removed? What expanses will need extra support? What are the noise and climate control implications of making all these changes?

A quality renovation builder (Perth) should also consider your ‘line of sight’. What can you see when standing in the kitchen? Can the rooms be furnished to take in garden views? Will sun glare hit the TV in the afternoon?


3. Definition by design

The best open plan living areas are those that have clearly defined spaces within the open plan area. You can define your distinct areas through the use of rugs, low-lying furniture and wall colouring.

Your renovation builder may also suggest semi-transparent structures, such as spaced vertical timber beams that define a dining area without closing it in completely.

Remember to also consider what ‘routes’ you will commonly take through the open plan area, such as moving from the kitchen to the coffee table. Having to constantly walk around a large couch will begin to get annoying!

Open up a world of possibilities with Summit Home Improvements

Achieving open plan living can also achieve incredible lifestyle benefits for you and your family. And with our renovation builders (Perth), your home improvements can start to take shape very soon.

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