Home renovations in a strata home

Home renovations in a strata home

Duplexes, triplexes and other strata-titled homes differ from green titled homes in a few ways. Strata-titled homes are situated on the same property, and can often share at least one common wall plus some common areas. Strata laws govern what can and can’t be done by each property owner.

If you reside in a duplex, triplex or another type of strata-titled home, you may be wondering whether or not you can carry out home renovations.

You are permitted to undertake home improvements if you own a strata property, however there are some important factors that your renovation builder will need to consider:

Strata laws may affect your house renovation plans

If you live amongst multiple other units, the governing strata company and council will have rules in place regarding what building changes can and cannot be made. Redecorating within your internal walls is usually permitted, as these changes are purely cosmetic and aren’t visible from the exterior. However, should you be looking to undertake structural changes as part of your home renovations, such as removing walls within a kitchen renovation, this is certainly something you would likely need strata approval for.

Your strata company will also have a strong interest in any home renovations that alter the external look of your building. You may need to get your neighbours’ approval to make any external changes, as they have a vested interest in the style and consistency of the overall complex.

House extensions in a strata-titled property

House extensions in a strata-titled property aren’t allowed to encroach onto common space, yet there are other avenues to achieving a stylish house extension.

For example, our renovation builders successfully completed a kitchen and living area extension within a strata home in Melville. The owner was looking to open up their small kitchen and dining areas, which would entail taking some space from the external courtyard. Our home renovation experience ensured that our renovation builders and designers were able to overcome any strata challenges in order to deliver a large, modern open plan kitchen and dining area. In total, the house extensions gave the owner more than 18m2 of extra internal space.

The quality of this particular home renovation saw the project become a finalist in the Master Builders Housing Excellence Awards. Yet, what mattered most to our renovation builders was that the client loved the finished product!

Melville External Award

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