House renovations that create a modern home

House renovations that create a modern home

As the years and decades go by, just about every home starts to show its age. Out-dated floor plans, tiny kitchens and daggy tiling all add up to make your home feel out of sync with today’s fashions.

Modernising your home is a great reason to undertake home renovations (Perth). If you’re planning to stay in the home, you’ll get to enjoy huge lifestyle benefits. And should you choose to sell, the financial benefits of your home improvements will also likely follow.

To get the inspiration flowing, here are some of our favourite ways to modernise Perth homes:

Open up your home to new ideas

These days, it’s all about wide-open spaces and free flowing living areas. Chances are, your old home has closed-in rooms instead, so talk to your renovation builder about taking out some walls as part of your house renovations.

Re-uniting your dining and kitchen area, and your lounge and alfresco, can all go a long way towards dragging your home up into the current decade.

Kitchen renovations

Canary yellow laminate isn’t quite so groovy anymore, just like brown poky ovens and paper-thin linoleum. A kitchen can really give away a home’s age, so a kitchen renovation is essential when modernising your home. Go for stone benchtops, two-tone cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and ultra amounts of storage (scullery, anyone?). Island benchtops can achieve two modern miracles by further increasing bench space and storage while creating a segway onto your open plan living.

Bathroom renovations (Perth)

No longer just a place for a quick wash, modern bathrooms create a sanctuary that invites you to relax and unwind. Consider including a standout luxury feature in your bathroom renovation, such as a freestanding bath or an exotic double shower. Be careful not to under or overcapitalise on your bathroom renovation (our renovation builders can help with this), and opt for practicality over elaborateness at all times. Note that even in low budget bathroom renovations, workmanship such as tiling must always be completed to a high standard.

Updating outdoors

Back in the day, a patio and a patch of grass was a standard Australian backyard. Yet as more of us look to bring the comforts of inside to the great outdoors, many modern house improvements are including a beautiful contemporary alfresco. Talk to our renovation builders about modern outdoor inclusions such as a built-in kitchen, mood lighting and weatherproofing.

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