Renovating to fix a dated floor plan

Renovating to fix a dated floor plan

Awkward floor plans don’t make for enjoyable living, especially when you want your lifestyle to include outdoor entertaining and socialising. Today, open plan living is a concept most builders and architects incorporate into their plans, so if you’ve got a home with an impractical layout that includes small rooms, closed-off kitchens and narrow hallways, there are solutions available that give you amazing results in your home improvements.

Here are our top tips tips to help get you started on your house renovations.

How will you use the space?

One of the first things you need to do is think about how you would ideally like to live in the home after home renovations (Perth). If you have young children, they’ll eventually grow up, so living spaces like play rooms will be used differently – if at all – as time passes.

If you like to host get-togethers, and there’s no clear entrance to the backyard or an outdoor entertaining area, home improvements are an opportunity to create one and build directly off a new open plan living space and kitchen. Accessibility ideas are endless, from amazing bi-fold doors to a kitchen servery, but in the end you want a floor plan that will flow to make for an inviting space.

Putting together a floor plan

Many people choose to enlist a specialist home renovation company who can help them transform their home’s layout. If your home is from an earlier decade, then your lounge will be at the front while your closed-off kitchen sits at the back with no connection to meals and living areas, or the backyard. By keeping the kitchen in its original position and just doing kitchen renovations– you’ll end up leaving each room where it is. A renovations builder (Perth) can see beyond the scope and help suggest where rooms can be moved to.

By speaking with a home renovation specialist, they can help you envision which walls can be knocked down to make bigger spaces, what doors and windows can be moved, if bedrooms can be made bigger, and where you can place a new open plan kitchen and living. Ask yourself, are there spaces that could overlap their use, and are there others with more potential functional use? The same could be said for bathrooms – consider not just a bathroom renovation, but moving the room altogether to accommodate any new home improvements.


Consider extending up or out

If you find that your layout is just not working out because the home is too small for your needs, consider an extension. Home extensions or adding a second storey can allow for more creativity and opportunities when it comes to changing the complete layout of your home. It’s also a way of incorporating a second bathroom and even parent or teenager retreat spaces.

If your backyard has room to move, extending outward is the perfect option, but if there isn’t then adding a second storey to your home renovation will transform the home both internally and externally.


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