Renovating to sell: 5 value-adding home improvements

Renovating to sell: 5 value-adding home improvements

While home renovations should always add value to your lifestyle, the best house improvements are those that also greatly add to the value of your home, allowing you to reap the rewards once the time comes to sell.

Our renovation builders (Perth) have built a legacy upon achieving significant lifestyle and financial benefits through our innovative home renovations.

Should you be looking to sell, and want to maximise the sale price of your home, a house improvement can considerably increase your sale price.

To help sharpen your renovation strategy, here is what we consider to be five of the most value-adding house improvements:

1.Bathrooms and kitchens

When undertaking house improvements, we place great emphasis on kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations. After all, it’s these rooms that are said to ‘sell’ a home.

These days, kitchens and bathrooms are expected to be bigger and more stylish than ever. Our kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations work to greatly improve storage within a sleek style palette.  Should you have room, opt for ‘his’ and ‘hers’ features in the bathroom such as double vanities and a double shower. Be warned that it can be easy to overcapitalise with kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations – we can help guide you to strike the perfect balance.


2.Open plan living

Open plan living continues to be a popular choice of many WA families, so it makes sense that you’ll attract more buyers with an ‘open plan’ layout.

Our house improvements create spacious, light-filled living areas, such as removing unnecessary barriers between the kitchen, lounge room and alfresco. However, it’s important not to go overboard and lose too much definition between multiple rooms – some rooms function best when they can be closed off (such as a study).


3.Additional rooms and storage

A second bathroom has gone from a luxury to a necessity these days, with many home renovations (Perth) looking to add on a second bathroom or ensuite. When building additional bathrooms or other rooms, make sure your renovation builder pays particular attention to lighting, storage and ventilation.

4.Update your outdoor living

Improving your outdoor area to create flawless indoor/outdoor living can add to the overall perceived living space of your home – an important factor come auction day. Ensure your home renovations incorporate the alfresco. If budget permits, consider upgrading your alfresco to make it functional all year around. On a limited budget, something as simple as defining your landscape into distinct ‘dining’, ‘playing’ and ‘garden’ areas can make it seem bigger and ready to enjoy straight away.


5.Excellent exteriors

Last but not least is the exterior of your home. Unfortunately, there may be some buyers who will make a decision about whether or not to view your home based upon what it looks like from the kerb. Our renovation builders can help you maximise your home’s roadside appeal with various elements such as rendering and landscaping.

Renovate for sales success with our renovation builders (Perth)

Whether you are looking for extensive house extensions or a quick makeover, we can help advise you on how to maximise the appeal and sale price of your home when the time comes to sell.

We’d love to discuss the home renovation possibilities in your place – to book your no obligation, no cost design consultation, call our experienced team today on 6365 2901!