The Top 5 reasons to undertake home renovations

The Top 5 reasons to undertake home renovations

If you’re wondering how best to renovate your home, the answer likely lies in why you’ve decided to renovate. In our experience undertaking house renovations right across Perth, we’ve come to identify five popular reasons as to why so many WA families choose to commence house extensions or house renovations with us.

Home Renovation Reason #1: Avoiding the cost of moving

Moving house can have financial, physical and even emotional costs. Financially, buying and selling can require many thousands of dollars, once you consider costly expenses like stamp duty, relevant fees and the chunk your real estate agent keeps for themselves!

There’s also the physical task of packing and unpacking your life, as well as the emotional toll of leaving a street you love and maybe even having to change the kid’s school.

Imagine if all this money and energy was diverted into improving your existing home? From bathroom renovations and kitchen renovations to exciting house extensions, you can upgrade your lifestyle without leaving your great location behind.

Home Renovation Reason #2: Restore a character home

History and heritage are two things that money can’t buy, so it’s little wonder that many people choose to restore a character home.

Undertaking home improvements in a character home can give you the best of both worlds – timeless charm combined with modern luxuries. For example, when undertaking a bathroom renovation or kitchen renovation in a character home, we are able to achieve a fashionable fusion of heritage-style fixtures and fittings blended tastefully with today’s technologies. It can certainly pay to engage experienced renovation builders (Perth) when restoring character homes, as we can help identify any structural surprises so they don’t become costly headaches down the track.

Home Renovation Reason #3: Making room for more family members

House extensions are often undertaken to accommodate new and old family members. Ask your renovation builder to think creatively to get maximum lifestyle for your buck. For example, if you need extra room for an adult child or an elderly relative, why not consider an internal granny flat rather than just an additional room, bringing exponentially more peace and privacy to your household.

Home Renovation Reason #4: Upgrading the home’s function

As your family grows, so can your desire to renovate! A kitchen renovation can finally deliver that much needed style and storage, while a house extension can bring with it a second bathroom, a games room / man-cave or even an all-season alfresco complete with built-in kitchen.

Home Renovation Reason #5:  Increase your property’s value/prepare home for sale

House renovations can be a powerful tool in a slow market, making your home stand out from the rest. As experienced renovation builders (Perth), we can help ensure you don’t overcapitalise and are realistically catering to who may potentially buy your home. We recommend focusing your money on where it matters most, such as opening up living areas and undertaking a kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation.  These house improvements can really add value to your home and your lifestyle.

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