What to discuss when meeting with a builder

What to discuss when meeting with a builder

Doing an extension or addition is an exciting process, and there will be lots of questions to ask along the way.

So whether you’re looking to completely modernise your home including a kitchen and bathroom renovation (Perth), ground floor extension or second storey addition, you’re going to need to know the right questions to ask to make sure you get a high quality build and know what to expect.

Here are some all-important topics to discuss with your renovation builders (Perth).

Valid certificates and licences

Does your builder hold a valid building licence? To gain licensed status, your builder should have completed compulsory training as determined by a licensing body. Always ask how long they’ve been in business for, and how many renovations they have completed.

If you’re thinking about major home renovation work, contact a licenced home renovation builder (Perth) first. It might seem like a good option at the time to go with someone ‘without formal qualifications or certifications’ to save money, but you could end up paying for it in the long-run.

Fees and charges and what’s included?

Your renovation builders (Perth) should present you with a written contract, one which includes the scope of work for your renovation and accurate pricing.

At Summit Home Improvements, our fixed priced contracts include a custom design, all council approvals, computer generated perspectives of the home renovation and much more.

Ask about builder’s maintenance period and warranty

Most contracts include a defects liability period. While many builders only offer a 4 month maintenance period, Summit Home Improvements proudly supplies its clients with a 6 month after-build service. Even more, our in-house maintenance specialists pride themselves on prompt and courteous service.

Ask for examples of past and current work

Your renovation builder (Perth) should be able to show you examples of previous work. Take a look at their website or social media channels to see examples of past and present home renovations, to give you an idea of the quality of home renovations they offer.

What is the process?

The process to get your home improvements project up and running from concept to completion should be easy and streamlined. Summit Home Improvements offer a seamless process, from design, council approvals, fixed price contract, onsite project management and 6 month after-build service.

Our team can turn your home improvements dreams into a reality. Call or email us for your free design consultation.